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I believe that discovery feeds the soul and this deeply curated collection of favorite things lists is absolutely overflowing with personally road-tested, new discoveries. Written by me [i’m always looking] as well as by creative and compelling guest contributors, each “A-List” is unique, giving readers a peak into the lifestyle of the author as well as a great list of new things to buy and try. So, take a walk  in the lifestyle footprint of someone who’s taste you trust and add something new to your own A-list.  I find them fun and fascinating…I hope you do too!


I love finding new things and sharing my secrets…so, it stands to reason that if I’m searching for a solution, a new product or a good idea, I turn to trusted friends for suggestions.  Well, consider The List Collective that trusted friend. Our A-Lists reveal the best online finds and most coveted neighborhood gems that each contributor has to offer. From haute to homey, privilege to practical…for nest dressers, food lovers, closet cases, the sustainably obsessed, gadget girls and  exercise fiends. Whatever your point of view, there are bound to be suggestions that fit your lifestyle and lists written by someone who’s taste you trust.  And if you want to really navigate a new area or even rediscover your own, search by city and dig into a collection of the most delicious local secrets….secrets I encourage you to share!


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Re-interpret, re-inspire & re-write your own lists….And always share the things you love!

about elaine

I love having a great list…who doesn’t?  We spend a lifetime honing it and take great pride in sharing it. The most charming alfresco dining?  I’ve got just the place.  The perfect hostess gift? Absolutely.  A secret design co-op that hand sews bespoke undergarments out of straw?  Just let me check my contacts!  A delicious massage, an emerging artist, a dreamy getaway, the most decadent dessert in town.  I relish the opportunities to serve up that perfect answer for someone in need.  And there is no better way to discover [and rediscover] your city, then by trying new things that have been “Lived and Loved” by someone you admire.  My  personal collection of “just right,” hidden gems defines my lifestyle footprint and makes this big, crazy city feel more like home. I hope our lists can do the same for you!

Side Bar:  Home for me is LA [well represented here], where I’m a wife, mom, former TV Exec and insatiable Lifestyle Curator.  I’m here by way of Chicago, a trip I made in a stick shift, Jeep Wrangler, before I actually knew how to drive stick. It was epic.  Once I finally tackled that insanely steep hill at La Cienega and Sunset, I knew I’d found a second home.

Aaanyway….Shop around, explore, find some gems [there are many] and don’t forget to share some ideas of your own….I can’t wait to hear them. And of course, I hope you find things that make your own lifestyle footprint, “just right” as well.

Happy Listing….

xx -e




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