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  1. Rad Read: May We Be Forgiven by AM Holmes
    A-List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveSHOPI love the way AM can make even Nixon interesting. But no matter what part of her book you’re reading, you are riveted and laughing at the same time. And I’m not just saying that because she is one of my closest friends. [photo courtesy, the sunday times]
  2. Kiddie Couture: Alex and Alexa
    A-List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveSHOPWhat is unique about Alex and Alexa is their selection and variety. It feels very European. Beware, however, that because they are based in London, there maybe some additional border charges. Check before purchase! I found some very wonderful ski clothes for Homer and Atlas. I like the bright colors and the variety. Now we’re all set for our spring break ski trip!
  3. Man’s New Best Friend: The Powerloo
    A-List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveSHOPWe all love our dogs but we don’t love their messes! This in ground doggy toilet connects to your house sewer system. It’s a bit tricky to install, but you’ll never regret it. Your yard and your kids and your dogs will thank you.
  4. Secret Weapon by Cindy: Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules by Meaningful Beauty
    meaningful beauty via Anne Heche's A-List, The List CollectiveSHOPEverybody wants to look like Cindy Crawford. Although this product line does not change your genes, these Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules do help improve the look, the feel and the texture of your skin.
  5. Fab To The Rescue:
    A-List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveSHOPFab focuses on new design for all areas of your life. Your home, your pets and your kids. Not only did I order my Valentine’s dinner from the food section, my children celebrated their birthdays with the helicopter robots from their toy section.  And, it’s not expensive! This is a place you can find a fun treat without spending a lot of money.

Anne Heche’s Neighborhood Favorites [Los Angeles]

  1. Tress Master: Patrick Jagille at Serge Normant
    A-List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveSerge Normant 8440 Melrose Place, Los AngelesFor a blow out, color consultation, or the most fabulous haircut in town, I have never gotten more compliments than I have since I’ve gotten addicted to Patrick.
  2. For Neighborhood Stylephiles: Pickett Fences
    A-List: Anne Heche, The List CollectivePickett Fences 214 N Larchmont Boulevard, Los AngelesPickett Fences is a place that solves all your problems. If you need a fun gift for a friend, a cute pair of new undies for yourself, or you just want an afternoon surprise for your husbands or kids. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, just ask Joane and her salesgirls. They’re always there to help with a smile.
  3. This Just In…Scoops for Ice Cream
    A-List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveScoops 712 N Heliotrope Drive, Los AngelesHands down best ice cream! Most unique flavors. Coolest ingredients combo (have you ever heard of lavender and ice cream?). Great window shopping at the retro eye glass store next door. And did you know there was a street called Heliotrope in Los Angeles? Try the brown bread flavor too! [photo courtesy andrew zimmern]
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My Shopping List: Heather Taylor Home Mon, 03 Jun 2013 03:19:25 +0000 HEATHER TAYLOR is one of those people who has seemingly endless talents. She’s walked me through her beautifully curated gallery, Taylor DeCordoba, where I’ve been enlightened to many of my now favorite artists from HADLEY HOLIDAY and Danielle Nelson Mourning to Kimberly Brooks and JEANA SOHN. I’ve also spent many an evening unwinding to the posts on her popular blog, LA In Bloom, where she shares her favorite recipes, the work of her artistic friends and many of her signature, style & nesting notes.  When I received word that Heather had debuted her first product line, HEATHER TAYLOR HOME, I was so genuinely excited to see these beautiful table linens.  The cheery palettes, earthy materials and home-spun embroidery all work together to blend old world artisanship with modern design.   Available in her ONLINE SHOP as well locally, in the boutique of friend, CLARE VIVIER and at Topanga Canyon’s Canyon Gourmet, these table linens are very much on my mind for spring.  The perfect way to freshen up a table in your own home or to gift something personal to a friend [wedding & housewarming alert!].

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Mollie Chen: Editorial Director, Birchbox Sat, 01 Jun 2013 03:54:00 +0000 Mollie Reveals What’s Coming up at Birchbox…
“It’s no secret that I love food, and I’m thrilled that we’ll be expanding our home shop this spring—be on the lookout for some cheery kitchen utensils and must-have decor items. Naturally we’ll be adding more fun content to the Birchbox Magazine and Blog, including some fun guest bloggers! And right now I’m obsessed with our new Beauty Hacks series—for our first installment, we measured how many SWIPES it takes to get to the bottom of a lipstick tube!” Mollie Chen

Mollie Chen’s Online Finds

  1. Food 52
    A-List of Mollie Chen, BirchBox Editorial Director, The LIst CollectiveSHOPAmanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs have created a vibrant hub for home cooks all over the world. In addition to the inspiring (and approachable) recipes, I’m addicted to Amanda’s Kids’ Lunch feature—I should be lucky to eat so well.
  2. Caldrea Dish and Hand Soap
    A-List of Mollie Chen, BirchBox Editorial Director, The LIst CollectiveSHOPI recently turned 30 and as part of my whole being a grown up thing, I’ve been focusing more attention on my home. These chic dish and hand soaps come in the most gorgeous scents—I love Basil Blue Sage—and are pretty enough to leave on display.
  3. Jouer Tint in Peony
    A-List of Mollie Chen, BirchBox Editorial Director, The LIst CollectiveSHOPIf you haven’t tried cream blush, you’re missing out. It has a velvety finish that you can’t get with powder and makes skin look completely luminous. Peony is the perfect rosy pink for spring.
  4. Bureau Of Trade
    A-List of Mollie Chen, BirchBox Editorial Director, The LIst CollectiveSHOPTechnically a hyper-curated online marketplace for vintage and pre-owned goods, Bureau of Trade is also just a repository of brilliant writing. I could spend hours reading their accounts of, say, a well-worn Ghurka carryall or a Hudson Bay blanket.
  5. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre
    A-List of Mollie Chen, BirchBox Editorial Director, The LIst CollectiveSHOPAfter years of lobbying, I finally succeeded in getting this cult French moisturizer onto Birchbox. It’s amazing for all types of skin and works beautifully as a makeup primer. Stock up—I know I have.
  6. Of A Kind
    A-List of Mollie Chen, BirchBox Editorial Director, The LIst CollectiveSHOP | READ OF A KIND’S A -LISTI’m constantly impressed (and tempted) by the gorgeous editions that Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur pull together from designers across the country. It’s also a great place to pick up non-cookie-cutter gifts—like this Pegasus Cuff by Winifred Grace.

Mollie Chen’s Neighborhood Secrets [NYC + Brooklyn]

  1. Dell’anima
    A-List of Mollie Chen, Editorial Director of BirchBox, The List CollectiveVISIT | 38 8th Avenue, NYC [West Village]I’ve probably spent more time at Dell’anima than any other restaurant in New York—which is saying a lot. My favorite thing to do is grab a bar seat near the window and order a classic Negroni on the rocks, their simple and satisfying bruschetta, and perhaps grilled octopus or a pasta.
  2. Papel
    A-List of Mollie Chen, Editorial Director of BirchBox, The List CollectiveSHOP | 225 Court Street, BrooklynI’ve been on a handwritten note kick lately, and I pick up all my stationery at Papel. It’s a charming store in my neighborhood that has the best letterpress cards, not to mention washi tape, fanciful journals, and lots of other stuff I probably don’t need.
  3.  Stinky Brooklyn
    A-List of Mollie Chen, Editorial Director of BirchBox, The List CollectiveSHOP | 215 Smith Street, BrooklynIt’s more than a little nice to have a world-class cheese shop as a neighbor. I stop by on weekends for iced coffee and sandwiches (not to mention their salted brown butter rice crispy treats) and pick up soup or eggs on my way home from work. They carry the best artisanal foodstuffs, from Mast Brothers chocolate to Tomr’s Tonic.
  4. Shen Beauty
    A-List Mollie Chen, BirchBox for The List CollectiveSHOP 315 Court Street, Brooklyn
    I thought I was fairly well-versed in beauty products until I visited this Brooklyn wonderland. Jessica Richards and Jules Stringer are geniuses at finding the top niche, obscure, or up-and-coming lines, not to mention favorites like RMS Beauty and By Terry. This place is dangerous.
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Behind The List with Anne Heche Sat, 01 Jun 2013 02:00:37 +0000
  • You’ve probably had so many ideas…why Tickle Time?
    Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List Collective
    I have never heard a parent say, “putting sunblock on my kid was really easy this morning.” I needed to change that. Protecting our children’s skin is one of the best things we can do as a parent. Tickle Time makes it easy and fun. The best part about it: Your kids will yell out, “It’s Tickle Time,” every morning, protecting themselves before you have to remember.
  • What makes it a game-changer for moms?
    Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveIt’s simple. It’s easy. And it works!
  • What have you learned from the transition between actress and entrepreneur?
    Behind The LIst: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveBeing an entrepreneur is harder than acting, but I have a lot of fun doing both. It’s hard to beat the feeling I get when a mom calls me up and says that Tickle Time changed her life. Although making a fool of myself on my new show, Save Me, feels pretty good, too!
  • Tell us how you cope with the too-familiar, family/career juggle?
    Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveI think women these days have become master multi-taskers. Finding time to love your family the way you want, respecting your work the way you need, engaging with friends and staying healthy are things we all expect of ourselves. Having so many things go on in my life is a privilege and I love it!
  • Any advice or insight for moms with an idea?
    Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveGo for it! Pay attention to every detail, don’t back down when someone tells you its not worth your time or energy because creating something in the world is something you will always be able to take pride in and something your children will always respect of you. I can’t tell you how fun it is to have Homer and Atty say that they helped create Tickle Time.
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    Gaia Guidi Filippi: Executive Editor, Elizabeth Street Tue, 14 May 2013 03:51:28 +0000 A Note From Gaia…

    I’m a born and bred Angelena who still gets a major kick out of looking up at the towering palm trees during a pink-and-red sunset. I’ve experienced the city as a child, a single girl on the town, a young professional in the early stages of a career and now, as a wife and mother. Even though I spent many of my formative years abroad, there was always something visceral drawing me back – I guess it’s the feeling of home. One of the things I love most about L.A. is that you can literally find ANYTHING your heart desires – whether it’s a craving for Armenian manti or Ethiopian tibs, paddle-boarding yoga classes or $8 eyebrow threading – it’s all just a short drive away (outside of peak traffic hours, of course).  -Gaia Guidi Filippi

    Gaia’s Online Finds

    1. Seeing Stars: Serena and Lily Zodiac Prints
      SHOP These Serena&Lily zodiac prints are meant for baby and kids’ rooms, but I’ve bought them for people of all ages – including my teenage niece and fully grown best friend! Their cool, vintage designs are always a hit.
    2. Pretty Little Cupcake: Toppers by Kristin Z Kreations
      SHOPI could spend hours browsing on Etsy. Whenever there is something I just can’t find, I know I will find it there. I recently ordered these with my daughter’s picture for her 1st birthday party and they were a total conversation piece.
    3. Make Your Hostess Happy: Oils from Olio&Olive
      SHOPWe rarely go to someone’s home without taking an amazing bottle of our incredible private label Italian olive oil or balsamic vinegar from my husband’s business, which includes an online Italian gourmet food store, full of hard to find specialty items. I highly recommend the Primo extra virgin olive oil from Sicily to upgrade any food you put on the table, or the Margai Riserva balsamic, aged 12 years and deliciously sweet.
    4. Gimme Five:
      SHOPHow cool (and slightly bizarre) that you can pay someone $5 to do any imaginable small service?! Need a product jingle? Perhaps you have to send someone a postcard from Australia, but can’t get there yourself? Need to prank call your BF and have it recorded? I have no idea why you would want to do any of these things, but if you did, is amazing!!!
    5. Know Your Place: My Favorite Paper Place Mats
      SHOPI like to keep these paper place mats on hand at home and also always keep them in mind for a fun gift. They are super cute, disposable and also double as entertainment when you have kids over.

    Gaia’s Neighborhood Secrets

    1. Pressure Point Perfection: Bao Foot Spa
      VISITOn south Beverly Drive. It’s a local hole-in-the-wall massage place, but it is super cute, clean and efficient. 50 minutes in there are you are transported away from thousands of emails and the mess of toys on the living room floor. I am also forever indebted to them because I went there when I was 4 days past my due date with my daughter (and extremely ready to get her out of my body) to see if someone could find the right pressure points to make me go into labor. Guess what happened that night???
    2. My Secret Sushi Spot: SHU Sushi House Unico, The Glen Center
      VISITMy friend Giacomino Drago owns this place and the food is incredible and reliable. The sushi is super fresh and delicious. I also love that it’s tucked away in a place a lot of Angelenos don’t even know about.
    3. A Taste Of SoCal Living: Malibu Seafood
      VISITFried shrimp. Fried clams. Picnic tables. The Pacific Ocean. Need I say more? Always a major hit with out-of-town guests too.
    4. An Insider’s Mecca For Food & Wine Hunting…Shhh: Guidi Marcello
      VISITHidden away on 10th Street (a dead-end off of Olympic) in Santa Monica is my family’s Italian food/wine import business. It’s been around for over 30 years as a wholesale business, but in the last 15 years or so it has become a bit of a mecca for Italian chefs (dropping in to get stuff to take home), which were then follow by their wives, the wives’ friends, then non-Italian chefs, then, pretty soon, everyone who is an Italophile and on a serious ingredient hunting mission. It’s still a bit of a secret, but it’s also got a cult-like following – not just for the products they find, but because they all fall in love with my charming father and sister who run it. Most of what we eat at home comes from here – the burrata, the prosciutto, fresh raviolis, amazing selection of wines from all over Italy, specialty cheeses and much, much more.  And for moms, the frozen pizzas are freezer essentials!
    5. Vintage Made Modern: 45 Three Modern Vintage Home
      VISITStacey, the owner, has an incredible eye and an amazing way of resurrecting flea market finds. Since I am no good at stuff like that, I love to go there and browse her finds.
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    Nathalie Genty: Founder, Melijoe Tue, 16 Apr 2013 02:02:30 +0000 A Note From Nathalie

    I am a born and bread Parisian woman and now, Parisian mother as well…and this city is truly my home. As with any metropolitan city, each neighborhood has a different feeling, with it’s own unique soul and style. My business and home are in the 10th district of Paris, and I like to mix my local favorites, both personal and family-oriented, with classic Parisian luxury for special occasions.  I often draw inspiration directly from the streets of Paris, and am able to resource my energy just from walking around. Hemingway was completely on target: Paris is a Moveable Feast. -Nathalie Genty


    1. Hotel Amour + Le Meurice
      paris hotels, nathalie genty via the list collectiveTo be honest with you, when I know that someone who is a friend of a friend is coming to Paris, especially with their children, I invite them to stay at my house. It’s easier and more convivial. Otherwise, I would recommend the HOTEL AMOUR in the 9th district of Paris, or for those looking for a touch of Parisian luxe, LE MEURICE is divine.


    1. Dining Out
      paris restaurants, Nathalie Genty, the list collectiveAs a mother of four, it is rare that I go out to eat, and I would imagine that other parents with a lot of children favor a home cooked meal over going to a restaurant. However, when we do go out as a family, we enjoy NANASHI [31 rue de Paradis, 75010] for its organic and very creative, tasty dishes. It’s one of my local favorite hotspots. I’m also a big fan of Thai food, and love LE THIOU [49 Quai Orsay, 75007]. Another fun place to visit with children for a mid-day snack and a wonderful day activity is the PALAIS TOKYO [13 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116].  For parents looking for a romantic evening with their significant other, my husband and I go to L’OFFICE, another local hotspot [3 rue Richier, 75009]. Their food is French, but modern, creative and eclectic, and you can enjoy a class of wine in a Parisian-chic atmosphere.


    It is not easy shopping with four children, which is why I am a huge fan of online shopping. If you are looking for a wonderful e-commerce site for your children, I happen to know the best in France:

    1. Merci
      merci paris, nathalie genty's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT: 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais Dan Le 3ème
      Merci is one of my favorite Parisian shop spots, and not just because the majority of designers showcased donate a majority of earned revenues to charity projects, which isn’t a surprise since the store often features pieces by ethical designers like Stella McCartney. The store is comprehensive, from the latest collections to vintage pieces, all the way to interior design and kitchen appliances. I buy there from time to time, but luckily I don’t redecorate my apartment every weekend. The store is next to my children’s swimming pool, so every Thursday while my sons are at swim practice, you can catch me in the tearoom in front of my computer with a scone and a green tea. [images-apartment therapy]
    2. Sirendipity
      sirendipity, paris via nathalie genty's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT: 81 Rue du Cherche-Midi dans le 6èmeSirendipity is where I shop when I want to decorate one of my children’s rooms. It is expensive, but their selection is always on trend and up to date with the latest styles, which has always been important to me. Sirendipity is the master of mixing vintage design with modernity, which always gives way to eclectic, well styled collections. I can’t help but fall in love with their products, especially since they are for my own little loves.
    3. Colette
      collette, paris, via nathalie genty's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT: 213 de la rue Saint Honoré dans le 1erI will say this much: if you are a fashion lover, you absolutely cannot come to Paris without stopping by the city’s number one concept store, Colette. It really is that simple. Nestled onto a corner on the city’s famous rue Saint Honoré and only a stone’s throw away from some of the city’s most prestigious boutiques, Colette changes their collections all the time, and brings in the most avant-garde, fashion savvy lines from all around the world. You will recognize the store immediately from the little blue dots in their window, which is their signature symbol. A hand’s down must-see. [images-ariana interiors/heart home magazine]
    4. L’atelier de Pablo
      nathalie genty a-list, the list collectiveVISIT: Rue d’Hauteville dans le 10èmeI am a fan of hunting rare objects, and since the fashion industry wasn’t built in a day, you never know what gem you could find in a dusty corner, especially in Paris. My favorite antique/vintage shop, L’atelier de Pablo, is right between my office and my home, and from time to time, my boys and I stop in after I pick them up from school. They can buy a 20 pack of already used Pokémon cards for one euro, and as a mother, I am a big fan of recycling toys. The shop’s owner, Bénédicte, has become a friend of mine, and no matter what, I always manage to find some little knickknack that I can’t leave the store without.


    I can sum this up in one phrase: Paris is a museum. If you are looking for the best family activity in Paris, start at the bottom of the Champs Elysée and head straight until you hit the Tuileries garden. Then take a stroll down the Boulevard Saint Germain before heading over to the Ile Saint Louis. Don’t forget to stop by Le Marais disctrict, as well as Les Halles, and one of my favorite Parisian streets, the Rue Montorgueil.  I suggest visiting the city’s most iconic places and monuments, which are not always the first on visitor’s lists.


    1. A Majestic Moment
      Tuileries Garden, Nathalie Genty's A-List, The List Collective
      I would start in the Tuileries Garden, remembering that above all, the Tuileries once acted as the official gardens of the royal palace, which is now the Louvre. Stop for a coffee, tea or aperitif at Le Fumoir when exiting la place carré at the Louvre
    2. An Artistic Afternoon
      nathalie genty, the list collectiveNext stop, the Boulevard Saint Germain for some of the city’s best shopping and best art galleries, specifically on the Rue des Beaux Arts and the Rue Bonaparte. One could easily spend an afternoon window shopping. [image: Boulevard Saint-Germain/Place Henri’ by Wim van der Linden – 1961]
    3. Mini And The City
      nathalie genty a-list, the list collectiveAnother must-see is the Ile Saint Louis in the center of Paris for the historically rich buildings, iconic small, winding Parisian streets and cobblestones. In the summer, this area is wonderful for little ones, and is often filed with live animations and theater adapted just for kids. [image nytimes]
    4. Where Sunday Is Fun-day
      nathalie genty's a-list, the list collectiveThe Marais district should also be on your list, especially since all of the boutiques are open on Sunday. The streets are always packed, and it’s another wonderful spot to window shop and just walk around. I always stop at the Breizh Café located at 109 Rue Vielle du Temple and have a traditional crêpe. [images courtney traub,]
    5. Farm Fresh From Fruit To Fromage
      Nathalie Genty, The list CollectiveLast but certainly not least is the Montorgueil neighborhood, which spans out over the entire Rue Montorgueil. I don’t live far from this neighborhood and buy my food from all of the local shopkeepers, from the meat and fish markets, to the bread store, cheese store and fruit and vegetable stands. [images-lost in cheeseland]
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    Julia Leach: Founder + Creative Director, Chance Sun, 07 Apr 2013 01:56:57 +0000 A Note From Julia

    When Elaine asked me to sum up my “lifestyle footprint,” three words came to mind : Simplicity, design, and adventure. For me, it’s about bringing out the “life” in “lifestyle” through a set of experiences and products that capture a collision of these three elements. The result is a confident yet understated sense of style that’s inspired by nature, art, travel, and friendships. – Julia Leach, Chance Founder & Creative Director

    Julia Leach’s Online Finds

    1. How To Boil An Egg
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceSHOP
      When I heard about this book, I pre-ordered it and was so pleased when it finally arrived. I love the purity and simplicity of eggs and all that they symbolize, and then they’re so versatile too. This is a great addition to any kitchen, especially one that is centered on fresh ingredients. It was written by Rose Carrarini, founder of Rose Bakery, one of my favorite stops when I’m staying at a friend’s pied-à-terre in Paris.
    2. Happy Menocal Cards
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceSHOPAs a note writer, I’m always looking for special stationery to add to my stash. For summer thank- you’s, I love Happy Menocal’s shark series, as well as her fruit. The custom crests she creates for special occasions (weddings, the arrival of a new baby) are also great. They’re so beautifully done and can become family heirlooms. Her work is lovely yet also a bit subversive, which I love.
    3. Design Tripper + Welcome Beyond 
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceVISIT DT + VISIT WBI’m always planning my next trip, so visit both of these great travel sites on a regular basis, if even just to daydream. Both have a strong editorial point-of-view and only list places that are distinctive, whether a small hotel, beach cottage, or villa.
    4. Goat-Milk Children’s Clothing
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceSHOPEvery time I’m in a shop and run across Goat-Milk apparel for kids I wish they made their tanks and undies for adults. Instead, I buy them as gifts for friend’s children. Their line is made from super soft 100% organic cotton and is knitted in dense ribs and pointelles.
    5. La Garconne
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceSHOPAt the start of each spring and fall season, I check out what La Garçonne has to offer, and often wind up with a pair or two of shoes in my shopping cart. They always have a great selection of flat sandals from brands like Common Projects, Martin Margiela, K. Jacques, and other lines that can be hard to find
    6. Formaggio Kitchen’s Horn Tableware
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceSHOPA few years ago I invested in a full set of Saldini horn tableware. I’ll never buy utensils again! This is such a wonderful alternative to sterling silver; there’s a rich simplicity to the horn handles and elegant curve to the stainless steel ( special-find-saladini-knives/). They also do a beautiful line from olive wood.

    Julia Leach’s Neighborhood Secrets

    1. Warm
      A-List: Julia Leach, Chance
      VISIT  | 181 Mott Street, NYCSince opening in NoLita last year, this has become my go-to spot for unique finds both for my wardrobe and for gifts. The name says it all — inside it feels like summer all year ‘round. Owner Winnie Beatite grew up in Hawaii and has captured the perfect blend of bohemian ease and sophistication with her assortment of clothing, accessories, books, and items for children and the home. I love the Vanessa Bruno hat I bought at Christmastime, and can’t wait to see what they’re carrying for the upcoming season.
    2. Pasanella & Son’s Vinters
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceVISIT  | 115 South Street, NYCI live on a tucked away block on the Lower East Side, and one of the things I love most about it is that it’s a 15-minute walk to nearly anywhere I want to go downtown (SoHo, Tribeca, the Village, etc.). The draw for a walk to the South Street Seaport is Pasanella & Sons wine shop. I love to take a quick stroll at dusk on summer evenings to this special store, which is so thoughtfully designed and well curated in terms of selection. Since the next Chance collection is inspired by Greece, this Moschofilero ((, a Greek white grape, will be served at spring dinner parties. I love that it’s described as “lemony fresh with hints of honey, flowers, and lime peel.” I’m excited for warmer temperatures and time to enjoy wine from Pasanella with friends. If you don’t live in New York City, you can also shop their selection online.
    3. Dominique Ansel Bakery
      A-List: Julia Leach, ChanceVISIT  | 189 Spring Street, NYCWhen I need a spot to meet a friend for tea or a quick lunch in SoHo, I always suggest Dominique Ansel Patisserie, especially in the summer when you can enjoy their small outdoor seating area in the back. They have wonderful salads and soups, if you’re a dessert person, this spot is sublime. I’m not so much, with the exception of tarts (usually lemon). I recently had one of their new seasonal creations, a pink grapefruit tart with lavender and honey, and it tasted like early spring – bright with just a little bit of bite.
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    Pale Girl Picks: 5 Best Sunscreens Sat, 06 Apr 2013 04:08:45 +0000  

    A Note From Hillary Fogelson:

    Now that spring break is over and we head into summer, us parents are thinking about  summer travels and hot, sunny days.  Whether you and your little one’s are hitting the beach at home, planning adventures in exotic locales, or prepping for long days at summer camp, you’ll want to have great, reliable sun protection on hand and ready to go!  Here are a few wonderful products that will keep your skin healthy and protected throughout the summer.

    Hillary Fogelson [aka: “Pale Girl”] Speaks Out About Sunscreen

    1. COOLA Baby SPF 50 Unscented Moisturizer 
      Pale Girl Speaks', Hillary Fogelson pick top sunscreens, the lIst collectiveSHOPIf you’re looking for a water resistant product the whole family can use, go for COOLA.  It’s water resistant for 80 minutes and uses only mineral UV blockers [zinc and titanium dioxide].  It does leave behind a slight chalky tint, but that’s expected from highly concentrated zinc products.  It has a great texture and it goes on easily.
    2. Kinesys SPF 30 Frangrance Free Sunscreen Spray [pump…not aerosol]
      hilary fogelson's sunscreen picks, the list collectiveSHOPMen, listen up, this one is for you.  This product was designed for athletes – specifically triathletes – so it’s made to withstand a lot!  It has a totally unique texture, and goes on completely clear.  For men who hate looking ghostly or don’t want to smell like a pina colada, this is the best you’ll find.
    3. Livestrong SPF 50+
      Hillary Fogelson's Sunscreen Picks, The List CollectiveSHOPAnother great option for the whole family!  Zinc based, water resistant for 80 minutes, and found at many Whole Foods.  It has a slight white tint, but soaks in fairly quickly – and for such a high end sunscreen, it’s priced really well too!
    4. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Sun SPF 50+
      HIllary Fogelson's Sunscreen Picks', The LIst CollectiveSHOPIt’s water resistant, completely transparent, packed with antioxidants, and it’s readily available at most pharmacies!  Because it uses chemical UV blockers, I recommend this for adults.
    5. Shiseido Sun Protection SPF 50 
      Hillary Fogelson's Sunscreen Picks, The list CollectiveSHOPIf you’re willing to invest a little extra money in your sunscreen, this product is for you! It’s water resistant for 80 minutes, soaks in clear, and has a really nice, subtle fragrance.  It’s great for your face, but I’d go for a less pricey option for your body.
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    Janie Bryant: Costume Designer, Mad Men Thu, 04 Apr 2013 12:30:11 +0000
  • A Tailor Who’s a 10: Johnathan Behr
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: Bespoke Clothing 5455 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles [Miracle Mile] Johnathan Behr of Bespoke Clothing is a tailoring genius!  He has made a few custom suits for me that fit perfectly.  From alterations to my own creations, he definitely makes my A-List!
  • A Rag Full Of Riches: Rag Mopp Vintage
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION:  Rag Mopp Vintage 3816 West Sunset Boulevard, Silverlake [Silverlake] A great vintage shop nestled in Silverlake and Sunset Junction.  I love the great finds and the area is filled with unique eateries for a fun bite before or after your vintage jaunt.
  • Paper Bag Meets Shopping Bag: Paper Bag Princess
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: Paper Bag Princess 8818 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills [BH] The Paper Bag Princess is THE best resale shop in Los Angeles.  They sell vintage couture and contemporary clothing that is absolutely beautiful.  There is no way you can walk out their doors without something glamourous and chic under your arm.
  • Artist of Note: Kimberly Brooks
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 2660 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles [Culver City]  Kimberly Brooks is an incredibly talented artist that specialized in portraiture and is fascinated by personal style.  I’ve  had the pleasure of being painted by her, as I have always loved her work.  She has a new exhibition called, “Thread,” up at Taylor De Cordoba Gallery [9/11-10/22] .  You will not want to miss it!
  • Room With A View: The Perch
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 448 South Hill Street, 13th Floor, Los Angeles [Downtown] This bar allows you to do exactly that-perch atop a rooftop in the heart of Downtown LA, gaing at one of the most beautiful skyline views.  The Ambiance is at once approachable and whimsical.  And be sure to lust after the gorgeous tiled floors!
  • Under Cover: Panty Raid
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 1953 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles [Los Feliz] When I’m looking for sexy lingerie or soft feminine sleepwear, I always turn to Panty Raid first.  Thsi small boutique in Los Feliz has a great selection of my favorite unique or hard-to-find lingerie labels.
  • A Nest Necessity: Home Fabrics and Rugs 
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: Home Fabrics 908 Wall Street, Los Angeles [Downtown]Home Fabrics is my destination for home decor.  They have reasonable prices and a diverse selection of rugs, fabrics and other home decoration pieces.  It’s a great place for inspiration!
  • Sensational Service: Milk and Honey Scrub, Olympic Spa
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 3915 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles [Koreatown] This Korean Day Spa and Bathhouse specializes in a full body exfoliation.  When I want a treat, I indulge in their Milk and Honey Scrub and Massage.
  • Primp Pro: Hector at Plaid Studio
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 1642 North Cherokee Avenue, Los Angeles [Hollywood] Hector is the ONLY one I trust with my hair.  Cut of color, Hector has his skills down to perfection.
  • Best Wine Bar: Barbrix
    VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 2442 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles [Silverlake] I love Barbix!  Voted, “Best Wine Bar” by Los Angeles Magazine, the atmosphere is welcoming and intimate.  Pair a nice vintage with their flavorful Mediterranean cuisine for a delicious treat!
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    A Fresh Round-Up For A Well Collected Lifestyle Mon, 01 Apr 2013 02:53:45 +0000
  • WEAR: Kyyote Jewelry
    kyyote jewelry, the list collectiveSHOPBeading always reminds me of warm weather and a childhood spent stringing creations of my own from a cigar box filled with a rainbow of colors.  Designer, Amanda Loos has a modern and uplifting take on this craft that elevates my own nostalgic memory and adds the sophistication of geometry.  All eco-friendly and from her Los Angeles studio.
  • PRESERVE AND PROTECT: The Handbag Handcuff
    elaine loves..., The List CollectiveSHOPBig thanks to my friend, Beth Corets, who’s life in the carpool lane has inspired a new product that has finally ended my flying, flipping purse problem, once and for all.  When her own purse had tumbled forward and emptied out on the passenger side floor one too many times, she invented this chic little helper that has many more uses than just that one.  My bag is now always secured to the passenger headrest but yours can be clipped to your bicycle baskets or a stroller…it can even help comfortably tote your shopping bags.  Endless uses, great gift idea…much appreciation.
  • PLAY: Heidi Merrick Dolls
    elaine loves..., the list collectiveSHOPYou’re never too old for dolls and Heidi Merrick has proven it with her charming line of stuffed glamour girls.  I’m partial to this fancy lady but I find it really hard to choose, as you can see from the rotating assortment that continually travels through The List Collective Gift Shop!  Birthday or Mother’s Day…What a playful and unexpected idea!
  • PRIMP: Malin and Goetz Detox Face Mask
    elaine loves...,The List CollectiveSHOPThis foaming little miracle is a bonafide “Secret Weapon” for great skin.  I discovered it when I tried a tester that was thrown in my bag (actually, a few were thrown in my bag) last time I was in the store.  I took it on vacation…probably the only way I would have ever found the time or focus to try it….but so glad I did!  This one’s a keeper for brighter, moister…just plain better skin.
  • ORGANIZE: Truffle
    truffle chic storage, the list collectiveSHOPTruffle just became a verb with these modern marvels for packing, beach bag organizing, multi-kid dividing and anything else you can think of.  Lots of sizes, clear sides for easy viewing and designed in a variety of colors for quick grabs from inside dark bags.  What else is there?!
  • DECORATE: Coral & Tusk Embroidered Art and Decor
    coral and tusk, the list collectiveSHOPEmbroidery is a very old craft so Coral & Tusk’s modern spin on it is so refreshing and sweet.  From accessories like pillows and coasters to the framed art which I personally am coveting right now.  There’s a warmth and simplicity to these pieces that I just really love.  Thanks to Clic Gallery and General Store for putting them in their newsletter and reminding me of this beautiful work!  If you’re in NYC you can purchase there.
  • GIFT CONCIOUSLY: Further Products
    elaine loves...., The List CollectiveSHOPIf you haven’t heard of Further, I’m SO happy to be the one to fill you in. This company began with an innovative idea…My favorite kind. Remove the kitchen grease from some of the most chic, restaurants in Los Angeles, bring it home to the garage, turn it into soap and sell it back to the restaurants it came from.  A perfect, sustainable circle.  I mean…  Now the line includes lotions and candles as well and I’m on a grass roots mission to make this THE go-to hostess gift for the summer.  Wrap it up in a hand towel like the one from West Elm pictured here, and you’ve got the perfect combination…great gift + fun, table talk.
  • BONUS TREAT: Girl Scout Cookie Recipes from Spoon Fork Bacon
    spoon fork bacon's girl scout cookies, The List CollectiveDISCOVERWho else just barely survived the recent Girl Scouts sales season?! While I persevered leaving only 1, empty Thin Mint wrapper row in my wake [not bad], my big victory is now being dulled by the lingering thoughts of Thin Mints that still haunt me while I watch my 2 episodes of “Friends,” before bed at night [don’t even consider judging me…it’s my happy place].  Enter, the ladies of SPOON FORK BACON, who came to the rescue with this recipe, along with a couple other Girl Scouts favorites as well. Make your own but don’t violate the code…off-season only! :)
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