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Agnes Baddoo: Stylist + Author + Creator

Agnes Baddoo: Stylist + Author + Creator

Peak Inside A Digital Style Sourcebook That Keeps You Both Online and Off The Beaten Path

ELAINE SAYS: I truly love the comfort of knowing that if I'm having "that kind of morning," I can get my Starbucks coffee exactly the way I like it, no matter where I am. But for me, its the small shops & creative people that give each city its voice, its flavor, its unique point of view. About this, Stylist/City-Guide Author/Good Stuff Appreciator, Agnes Badoo and I are most definitely on the same page....and she is, in fact, one of those creative spirits in my own town of Los Angeles. I met Agnes some time ago at a local boutique we both love called, Feal Mor [listed here, in fact!] and was instantly drawn to her. Having written 5 eat/shop guides herself, she is an amazing docent for small boutiques with big style and today, this A-list of the online-accessible stand-outs make them shop-able for all of us, wherever we are. PS: Agnes has also developed a wonderful line of aromatherapy sprays and oils that I want to make sure I tell you about called, "everyw'air" and "partout," respectively [I discovered them at feal mor, where we met but they're also available at several of the stores listed here...WIN YOUR OWN SET OF HER, "EVERYW'AIR SPRAYS BY CLICKING HERE"


  1. Kathryn Bentley, Dream Collective: Los Angeles [Silverlake] | SHOP DREAM COLLECTIVEMy Dream Collective ring and bracelets are part of my everyday, "never-take-off," jewelry. Kathryn Bentley's new emporium, Dream Collective, also features many covetable lines like Jesse Kamm, å Detacher, Dieppa Restrepo, Beatrice Valenzuela that I could wear everyday, plus lamp shades by Ana Kras and  stained glass pieces by David Scheid that would gladly find a place in my home. In fact, places await these items!
  2. Busy Being: Austin [East Austin] | SHOP BUSY BEINGBusy Being is an awesome and eclectic gallery retail space set-up in the back end of Domy’s design bookstore in Austin’s east side and online. An ever-changing assortment of handmade arts, crafts, and accessories –whatever strikes the fancy of owner Amber Abramson.
  3. Platform: Los Angeles [Highland Park] | SHOP PLATFORMTo quote myself, “Sarah Brady and Alex Cole sure do know how to nice-up the place over at Platform, their multi-purpose gallery of  ”all kinds of things they like, that you’ll like too,” concept store in Highland Park.
  4. Beautiful Dreamers: NYC [Brooklyn] | SHOP beautiful dreamersStylists, April Hughes and Marina Burini's Brooklyn store features an ever changing selection of local and global, vintage and modern, crafts, art, objets, décor, fashion, apothecary...even home-made jams and syrups. 
  5. Feal Mor: Los Angeles [Mid-Wilshire/LaBrea] | SHOP feal morWhat says ‘classics with a twist,” more than Breton-made mariniere sweaters and t’s in turquoise/grey stripes, camouflage or plaid?  A peacoat re-worked with a bold contrast color zipper instead of the familiar double breasted buttons? JP Plunier has re-worked and amassed a whole slew of his favorite things: Vintage (practically antique) European workwear, Eric Darrow ceramics, Kathryn Herrman batik linens and did I mention my favorite, the feal mor cap sleeve mariniere?  Vas y, Twist and shout!
  6. New High (m)art: Los Angeles [Los Feliz] | SHOP new high martAnother of my favorite haunts. From sea salt soap to favorite lines like B’sbee, Local and Pip Squeak Chapeau, no trip to Los Feliz is complete without a trip through Miho and T-riks’ wonderful mart.
  7. Maryam Nassir Zadeh: NYC [Lower East Side] | SHOP Maryam Nassir ZadehSimple, chic and modern. I love perusing the MNZ site for timeless and cutting edge designers presented in a completely effortless wearable way.
  8. Gravel & Gold: San Francisco [Mission] | SHOP gravel and goldG &G  best sum up why this is a favorite store I’ve never been to and  a site I visit regularly, “These days, the world being what it is, it’s enough for us if a product is being made with beauty, wit, and care, no matter where it’s being made. You’ll find both vintage and new things in our shop from all over the world, though we do favor things made nearby our home in San Francisco. We hope they make your day a little more excellent.” So far, they have.
  9. Lost and Found Shops: Los Angeles [Hollywood] | SHOP lost and foundThe epicenter for all things covetable. Items of the keep-them-for-a life-time-even your kids and friends are sentimental about them variety of covetable items, sourced all over the globe with Jamie Rosenthal’s unerring eye. Clothes, accessories, home, tabletop, art for kids, women, men, –it’s 6 storefronts of worldly wonders.  Once over the thresh hold, time stands still –so…watch your meter!
  10. Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction: Philadelphia [Olde City] | SHOP art in the age of mechanical reproductionAITAOMR is actually a store in Philadelphia that champions artisan-made goods of high quality and craftsmanship. Stationary, matchsticks, wood cfrat, leather goods, tembea book totes and spirits –especially their spirits! using old-time home brew recipes they offer some mighty tasty 21st century interpretations of root tea [think root beer alcohol], snap [which involves ginger and molasses], and a refreshing sage spirit Thomas Jefferson  and his botanical advisor  Bernard macmahon whipped up. Add a dash of any of these to your tonic or soda for something new yet familiar.


  1. Priscilla Woolworth: Online Only | SHOP PRISCILLA WOOLWORTH I just love this eco-friendly general store! Filled with attractive and practical items for  effortless green living. I’m obsessed with my compost pail and “valetina”, the small wood composter, the Vetiver woven bird house and other favorite items include lovely smelling (moth repelling) sachets for drawers and thie recycled burlap coffee sack tube that I use to store bags. check her blog and almanac regularly for garden tips, recipes and news about inspiring people making art or film or buildings in creative and sustainable ways.
  2. Nomadic Thread Society: Online Only | SHOP nomadic thread society  Perusing and shopping this site is like an insta-vation where you meet the craftspeople making the souvenirs of your cyber-adventure. The photos  really take you there.  Nicole Gulatta indeed travels the globe, working with artisans she discovers along the way, to create unique variations of familiar items that appeal equally to city life or exotic locals.

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