Aida Mollenkamp: Food Expert + Cookbook Author, "Keys To The Kitchen"

Aida Mollenkamp: Food Expert + Cookbook Author, “Keys To The Kitchen”

Food-Inspired Favorites From The Lovely, Aida Mollenkamp

ELAINE SAYS: One of the most joyful parts of having a blog like The List Collective, is that I have a built-in excuse to meet and talk to so many interesting people. In my own life, the philosophy behind the blog really holds true. One person introduces you to something or someone special and that leads you to another outstanding thing and pretty soon, you've connected dots upon dots of preciously road-tested items and incredibly talented people. Such is the case with Food Expert and Cookbook author, AIDA MOLLENKAMP This time, it was pal, CATHERINE MCCORD who felt an intro was in order. But proving to be so much more than simple contact information, that introduction gave me a new and valued resource...a culinary mentor, even. Early in her career, Aida was food editor for Chow, a magazine she described as a place "for people who like to eat but don't know how to cook.". When I discovered how much that experience has influenced her current philosophy and passion for educating and exciting people about food, I became hooked. She especially loved the test kitchen at Chow, where the scientist in her learned to measure, try, consider & test recipes. in her new cookbook, KEYS TO THE KITCHEN, she channels this passion through her 300+ personally test-driven recipes. And clearly, the book served as an outlet for the artist in her as well. Aida is fun and friendly on camera...if you never caught her on one of her Food Network or Cooking Channel Shows, you can see her on Joyus, an innovative, video based shopping site that I really enjoy browsing. I know I've only experienced a taste of Aida's message but I'm excited to dig in further...sorry, I couldn't help it....embarrassing. Big thanks to Aida Mollenkamp for sharing with me, both these fun favorites and a deep passion for those Commune Table Linens!

A Note From Aida Mollenkamp

Hello, lovelies. When Elaine asked me to contribute my A-List, I immediately knew I wanted to give you a food-centric peek into my home state of California. As a chef, author, and TV personality, I crisscross the state on a regular basis and truly split my time between San Francisco and Los Angeles. What makes me proudest about being a native California girl is how many amazing small craft and artisanal producers we have and how delicious it can be to discover them. Here are the items on my California A-List for this very moment - Aida

Aida Mollenkamp's Online Finds

  1. My Morning Brew: SightGlass Coffee aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEThose who know me know that my day doesn’t start until I’ve had my first cup of coffee and, seeing as it’s the first thing I have each morning, I indulge and get the good stuff. There are so many amazing California coffee roasters that I’m discovering new ones all the time but San Francisco-based Sightglass is the one I keep coming back to.
  2. Food On File: Yellow Owl Workshop Recipe Cards aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEAfter working extensively with the design team while at CHOW magazine, I fell in love with typography, graphics, and quality paper products. Stationary has become a passion of mine and, in the era of digital everything, I adore the idea of giving something handmade like these adorable recipe cards.
  3. The Centerpiece Of A Cheeseplate: Grace and I Fruit & Nut Press aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEIf still life art were still the rage, I’m sure they’d paint the picturesque pressed pieces by Grace & I. Each fruit press combines a variety of perfectly dried fruit and nuts and a slice adds panache to the best of cheeseboards. Every time I put these out during a party they become the center of the conversation.
  4. A Rose By Any Other Name: Robert Sinskey Vin Gris of Pinot Noir aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEThis is one of those sought-after California wines that is well-deserving of all the hype. When I moved to the Bay Area, my dear friend was working at Sinskey Vineyards and introduced me to this light, crisp rose that is so popular it sells out within days of its release.
  5. Linens To Lust After: Commune Design Linen Napkins aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEThese linens are a collaboration between two of my favorite Los Angeles companies, Commune Design and Matteo Linens. I use them exclusively as props for food styling because they photograph phenomenally but I also dream of owning multiple sets for dinner parties someday.

Aida Mollenkamp's Neighborhood Favorites: Los Angeles, Big Sur, Sausalito

  1. An LA Establishment: Joans On Third aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITE | 8350 W. 3rd Street, Los AngelesEvery Angeleno within a 5-mile radius frequents Joan’s On Third for its takeaway food and gourmet grocery so I’m sure many of you already are well aware of this cafe and marketplace. It bears mentioning because it’s one of the places that inspired me back when I wanted to get into food and continues to do so with its fresh, unfussy, but elegant take on California food.
  2. Big Flavor In Big Sur: Big Sur Bakery aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITE | 47540 Califronia 1, Big SurEvery few months I drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco and I do my best to leave time to go through Big Sur. Yes, the views are amazing, but, I often speed by them so I can arrive at Big Sur Bakery in time to get the first choice of their freshly baked goods.
  3. For Escaping or Staycationing: Cavallo Point, Sausalito aida mollenkamp's a-list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITE | 601 Murray Circle, Fort Baker [Sausalito]I lived in the Bay Area for over 5 years before I ever knew this haven existed. It’s perched out on a point and well hidden under the north end of Golden Gate Bridge so, in my defense, it’s easy to miss. Cavallo Point is a gem of a place where I hope to take many a staycation. Until I find time for that, I’ll continue to bike over with friends with the sole purpose of grabbing a glass of bubbly and taking in the epic view of San Francisco.

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