7 Questions: Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar

7 Questions: Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar

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ELAINE SAYS: It's no secret that I love my lists but I thought I'd experiment with another way to go even deeper into the personality of the lister. In our first, "Behind the List" feature, Christina Tosi shares a little bit more about herself....I thought she was the perfect person to kick off this new concept. Let me know what you think...and thanks, Christina!

  1. On Her Work Life... christina tosiI work. A Lot. My life kind of revolves around work. Which is actually the best part when you own a bakery that is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and your life revolves around food. I live a few blocks from work so I’ll either drive (with 3 pups in tow), walk (with 3 pups in tow) or ride my big red clunker of a bike (only 1 dog is small enough to ride with me!). I love the simple things in life- a cute vintage dress, a killer cup of coffee, a soothing cocktail, a great movie, and a slow stroll home after a long day of work or fun, usually both. Because Milk Bar’s kitchen is in Williamsburg and most of the Momofukus are in the East Village, my world stretches, or rather contracts accordingly. I live in such a big city, but love that I know the nooks and crannies of the Lower East Side, the East Village and Williamsburg, as such.
  2. On The Influence Of Her Childhood.... christina tosiI’m originally from Ohio, but was raised in Virginia, so there’s always a good down home, slightly mid- west vibe to my upbringing and influences, food and otherwise. I love gardening in my backyard, incessantly painting the walls of my apartment different colors (I can never find the right one!) or stay in and have craft night with my girlfriends and a few bottles of wine than go clubbing in the Meatpacking District.
  3. On The Momofuku Experience.... crack pieThe Momofuku Milk Bar experience is meant to be fun and engaging. I like to describe Milk Bar as a quirky American bakery with a hilarious point of view. We sell Cereal Milk ice cream with Cornflake Crunch, Compost Cookies and slices of Crack Pie. You should arrive with a smile and leave with a smile. Some even run back in for more. I didn’t expect Milk Bar to be such a hit, but it is. Its been an incredibly rewarding journey, I’ve found a staff full of soul mates and best friends and all it’s really done is given me the excuse to work harder and smarter and fuller, all in the name of dessert!
  4. On Future Projects... cookbookThe thing about milk bar is we always have full plates, we always have fun and exciting projects in the works, but we usually stick with the mantra mum’s the word until it comes true!
  5. On Her Secret Ambitions... christina tosi illustrationIf I wasn’t a chef, I think I’d probably be a teacher, a translator or a truck driver.Illustration by Rina Oh
  6. On Her Quirks and Secrets... christina's puppyI like to wear my quirks on my sleeve. I talk way too loud when I’m 1.excited or 2.angry. I love my 3 dogs way too much. I would go on 6 hour runs every day if I had the time. I like old lady clothing. I love to go for drives—stare out the window, people watch, play “that’s my house!” with homes I could never afford, and just stare off down an open road. Puppy Pic courtesy, Eater NY
  7. On Her Favorites.... cereal milk ice creamI think the Cereal Milk is the easiest and tastiest recipe from the book! And it’s so versatile! That or the Cornflake Cookie.

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