Alan Sartirana: Co-Publisher, Filter Magazine + Co-Founder Culture Colide Music Festival

Alan Sartirana: Co-Publisher, Filter Magazine + Co-Founder Culture Colide Music Festival

A New Music Guide and Resource Round-Up From This Weekend's Festival Founder

ELAINE SAYS: I mean to add new music to my library much more than I do...really. The fantasy version of me includes, among other things, a steadily flowing arsenal of great, new artists that quickly become old favorites because you listen to them so much, so quickly....Sigh. Is it too late to reverse the damage? Weeeel....ahem...I mean, no....Hell No! In fact, we're about to do just that. The Culture Collide International Music Festival just wrapped here in LA, with a line-up of eclectic artists curated by one of my favorite music gurus, Festival Co-Founder and Filter Magazine Co-Publisher, Alan Sartirana. When I asked Alan to pull a handful of really special artists from his line-up, he was happy to help us all update our playlists. He even added a bonus with a free of his favorite life-saving music resources and app's that will keep us all up to date, like we should be. Tweet to us or Comment on Facebook if you find something you like. PS: In Los Angeles? Find out more about CULTURE COLLIDE HERE.


After attending endless music festivals around the world, my business partner came to me and said he wanted to start an international music festival in LA. At first I thought it was a far fetched idea, but the more we got into it, the more it made sense.  So we took over one neighborhood (Echo Park) and brought some of the best international bands from around the world to perform at various venues throughout it, all within walking distance from one another.   The result is FILTER's CULTURE COLLIDE FESTIVAL. In its 3rdYear, it's an affordable, 4-day festival (wristbands for the whole fest are only $20 and a portion of those proceeds benefit local non-profit, 826LA), pairing over 75 amazing, international artists youve never heard and well known indie-rock staples like, of Montreal.       Hopefully, this list for The List Collective will give you a better idea as to what FILTER and the Culture Collide festival are all about.   -Alan Sartirana


  1. Niki & The Dove [Sweden] niki and the dove, the list collectiveDOWNLOADEqual parts Kate Bush, Florence The Machine and possibly even a little Cindy Lauper  (sans the annoying whiny parts; which basically just leaves you with the fun dance party element), Stockholms Niki & The Dove are a good place to start when looking for tunes to get your morning drive dance-party on. I predict shell be following Florences path to the Hollywood Bowl in the near future. My favorite is the jam Mother Protect,  if you like what you hear, follow it up with the single, "Tommorow"
  2. The Big Pink [UK] big pink, the list collectiveDOWNLOADHailing from London, these guys write BIG Anthemic Singalongs and have played major US festivals including Coachella and Lollapalooza. You might recognize their 2009 single Dominos from a sample in Nicki Minaj's Girls Fall Like Dominos.  I prefer the Big Pinks track to Nicki's
  3. Laetitia Sadier Resistance Dans L'ombre [France] culture collide, the list collectiveDOWNLOADThe once front woman to iconic French dream-space pop band Sterelab, Laetitia Sadier has released a solo record that is more straight forward and probably more accessible than her prior bands efforts. If you like to throw on a Jane Birkin record on rainy Sundays, shes definitely worth a listen.  I do love a good French pop song
  4.  Gold Fields [Australia] gold fields, the list collectiveDOWNLOADThis is a great new pop-band from the land of Gotye that just released an amazing cover of The Lovin Spoonfuls, "Summer in the City". This will be a favorite for fans of fellow catchy-hook bands like Phoenix or New Order.
  5. Bonde Do Role [Brasil] culture collide, the list collectiveDOWNLOADThere is no proper introduction to this Brazilian 3 piece, but Mario Cottos KCRW Blog post about them sums it up pretty well, "...A hurricane of twitchy third world high end, rumbling booty bass low end and a seemingly endless stream of supercharged sexual energy that comes across perfectly even though its in Portuguese.". And they wear crazy outfits on stage too! Judge for yourself


  1. Spotify

    spotify, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEOne stop shopping (or streaming for that matter) App. Want to listen to Daft Punks Da Funk to get pumped up when you jump on the treadmill at the gym? Want to put on some Thievery Corporation for Wine night with fellow parents? Your kids are FREAKING OUT in the back seat cause they HAVE to hear that (now) super annoying Gotye song RIGHT NOW? Have no fear, Spotify is here. In my view, the already massive in Europe and quickly growing in the US music service is a god send. No more CD clutter in your car, no more shoot or I forgot to download that song on my iPhone conversations, Spotify trumps the original iPods 1,000 songs in your pocket, with pretty much anything you ever want to hear, anywhere.  Awesome: On road trips. Not so awesome: In flight on spotty Go-Go wireless.
  2. Sonos - Wireless Home Audio System sonos, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITESonos has simplified the process of putting a great sounding audio sound system in any room of your home by developing a fairly affordable and simple to operate wireless speaker systems. You can move speakers around from room to room and set up different area functions on your computer/ smart phone to make it a great modular solution to home audio. Then link it up to the Spotify account you just set up and listen to whatever you want in your kitchen, living room or back-yard!
  3. Slacker Personal Radio slacker personal radio, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITE  Despite having endless music at your fingertips, the biggest problem that you find with most online music services is that they have no editorial voice.  SLACKER however has built an amazing network of partners to develop content curated to your tastes (and unlike Pandora, this includes SPORTS via their relationship with ESPN Radio). So if youre not sure WHAT it is you want to listen to but you want to listen to hits, ESPN shows or discover the latest indie releases, SLACKER is great.

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