Behind the List: Kirsten Dickerson, Co-Founder of Raven and Lily

Behind the List: Kirsten Dickerson, Co-Founder of Raven and Lily

Life Behind Her List Of Austin, Texas Favorites

NOTES FROM KIRSTEN: Almost 2 years ago, my family relocated from Los Angeles, California, to Austin, Texas. My husband, Brandon Dickerson, is a native SoCal boy and independent film-maker, so the move to Texas was a big deal. Since arriving, heʼs had two feature films funded in Texas. I like to think of it as his “Welcome to Texas” present. My kids who have traveled extensively and lived in some pretty fun places (including the heart of Hollywood), but they think Austin is the coolest city on the planet. They never want to leave. Me, well, Iʼm a native Texan, so Iʼm coming back to my roots. It was a harder transition for me because it meant relocating Raven + Lily from LA to Austin. My dear friend and co-founder Sophia Lin still lives in LA, but it became clear shortly after I moved that Austin just might be the best home for our little socially conscious brand. Recently I even convinced our lead designer to move here too. Sheʼs hooked. Weʼre all hooked. We love this crazy town that totally embraces locally owned + fair trade businesses, independent artists, the hand-made movement, living an active lifestyle, enjoying great live music, and the best food on the planet. We pretty much dwell in central Austin, mostly just south and east of downtown, so my list of favorites included places all within a 15 minute radius or less. Thatʼs the way we like to live. Local….but of course globally minded. I hope you can come visit some day and experience this lovely city for yourself. I put this list together hoping you might get to put it to use one day in the near future. Enjoy!  READ KIRSTEN’S AUSTIN A-LIST

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