Behind The List with Priscilla Woolworth

Behind The List with Priscilla Woolworth

I was so fascinated by Priscilla's family legacy and how it has become a springboard for her own unique vision, that I thought a few personal questions were in order. A descendant of the F.W. Woolworth Family, Priscilla shares with us, a bit about the future of an iconic brand with a very rich past. Browse Priscilla's A-List of Online Finds and Local Favorites HERE [photo courtesy, Ann Cusack for the LA Times]

  1. What inspired your vision for PriscillaWoolworth.Com?

    I launched almost 4 years ago, as an online eco friendly general store. My journey started years before that though, when I became aware of the challenges we are facing, and that it's urgent we protect and nourish our precious resource: the Earth. The way many of us live is not sustainable anymore, so I learned how to make changes in my own life without sacrificing the things that I loved....I discovered a much happier and healthier way to live.  I drew inspiration from what my ancestors created generations ago, the iconic F.W. Woolworth stores, and continue my family's legacy of providing affordable products, though mine are green as well. My store carries everyday practical products, which are non-toxic, long lasting, attractive, and made from either recycled, 100% organic or sustainable materials. Through my monthly almanac blog, I share the many positive and exciting things that people are doing to make our environment a healthier and more sustainable place to live.
  2. Tell us a bit about your process for vetting your products?

    I look for products that are functional, great looking and made with non-toxic materials. When I find something that is made from recycled or sustainable materials, I am overjoyed! I will not sell anything I wouldn't use myself or haven't tested out beforehand.
  3. And what about your original products?

    I design from need. If there is something I really would love and I can't find it, I will design it. Years ago, I couldn't find a small all wood composter, so I designed the Valentina, which works brilliantly. I have 2 of them on the side of my house, which have been in constant use ever since I made them 5 years ago. They produce the most extraordinary nutrient rich material for my garden from kitchen scraps I save and all my shredded paper from my office.
  4. How does your business address your passions? The act of shopping has become a way to take personal responsibility for what you contribute to change the world. I am conscious about what I buy at the market, and I'm equally conscious about what I offer in my store. Everything I do is connected-from the products I sell, to who I buy them from, to what I write about in my Almanac, to my social media postings to my blog, and to the photos I take to illustrate my work.
  5. What does your family think of your efforts?

    I recently lost my father, who was immensely proud of what I had built. My daughters, who used to be mortified by my green ways when they were teenagers, now embrace the lifestyle. Now, it’s my turn to be proud of them.

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