Fall In "True Pablove"

Fall In “True Pablove”

Support This Very Special Cause For Kids By Making a Donation

If you live in Los Angeles and in particular, our close-knit community of LA’s East Side, you’re surely familiar with the at once, heart-breaking and spirit-lifting story of Pablo Thraikill Castelaz.  THE PABLOVE FOUNDATION,  created by Pablo’s family in his honor, is fueled by a parents’ love for the child they lost to pediatric cancer. In this case, that love has grown into a veritable movement, funding research and education as well as providing arts programs that greatly improve the quality of life for other children living with cancer. And somehow, as impossible as it seems to survive the loss of a child, this powerful foundation is full of hope, optimism and boundless creative energy applied not only to finding cure but toward fostering a game-changing connection with the kids.  Innovative music and arts programs like their photography-centric, “Shutterbugs,” provide kids going through so much with creative tools of expression. In this case, cameras and photo classes that effectively help them to relieve anxiety, take their minds off their illness and soberingly, sometimes even help them to leave something personal and artistic behind.  These are profound and lasting expressions that anyone reading this can support with a modest donation.  IN TOWN?  WELL, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, LA locals can joyfully support the cause in person by bringing their families to the annual, TRUE PABLOVE VALENTINE’S DAY CELEBRATION.  This lively and fun, all-ages event will make the holiday even sweeter with music and crafting projects that include cookie decorating with one of my favorite bakeries, Modern Bite, handcrafted Valentine Robots with Little Junebugs and original art by Seonna Hong. My friend and weelicious founder, Catherine McCord will be there cooking away and the cast of, “Jesse” will be making an appearance as well.  Advance tickets are $60 and all proceeds support the Pablove Foundation. For Advance Tickets and Event Info  CLICK HERE . Want to know more? Visit PABLOVE.ORG to see how your small donation or volunteer experience can make an enormous difference in a child’s life….and more than likely, your own as well.

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