Well Collected Pets: Seth Casteel, Little Friends Photography

Well Collected Pets: Seth Casteel, Little Friends Photography

These Extraodinary Photos For the Furry Set Make For Artistic, Canine Keepsakes

Attention Pet Owners, Animal Lovers, Photography Appreciators and people with a good sense of humor....in other words, everyone listen-up.  Photographer, Seth Casteel has an uncanny penchant for capturing the unique personalities of pups on film...or whatever.  His award-winning, Documentary Style has caused even the dog whisperer himself, Cesar Milan to take notice and schedule a session!  Other celeb canines belong to Amy Smart, Lisa Ling....even Parez Hilton couldn't resist, insisting Seth was able to catch his pooch smiling.  Some of my favorite moments are captured in his underwater photography, where some of these dogs were so cute they made me giggle out loud. Seth's shots are truly beautiful, artistic and full of emotion and personality....You just have to check out the site to see how remarkable they are.   Like me, Seth is based in Los Angeles and Chicago, but he's available to shoot all over the country and tour dates are posted through his "info" tab. VISIT WEBSITE: LITTLE FRIENDS PHOTO 

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