6 Sweet Spots for Holiday Desserts

6 Sweet Spots for Holiday Desserts

Some Of My Favorite, Party Pleasing Goodies For Gifting & Entertaining

The Holidays are upon us and that means parties...throwing and going. This year, keep a short list of sweet spots handy and be the first one to volunteer to bring dessert! Here are a few of my favorite places to turn when the craving or occasion calls. Some of my finds delivery nationally and other "local favorites" are some of my personal, "grab and go" staples. Enjoy...xx -e HERE.

  1. Design Meets Decadence: Modern Bite Modern BiteORDER NATIONALLY:I've said it before, I'll say it again...Modern Bite is a home run for me.  The designs are gorgeous and customizable, making the cookie tiles (pictured here), cakes or anything else on the menu, perfect gift and entertaining options.  Even better, they are incredibly delicious!  Modern Bite makes one of my all time favorite Carrot Cakes and on top of all the classically delicious cupcakes and brownie options, they also make a toffee peanut pretzel cookie that's great for all you sweet and savory lovers. The list goes on. Bottom line, bring Modern Bite to a party…it'll be a "big wow" moment.
  2. For Tender Tummy's and Discriminating Palettes: BabyCakes NYC babycakes nycORDER NATIONALLY | LOCATION: New York, Orlando and Downtown Los Angeles at 130 East 6th Street, Los Angeles [Downtown]When friend and lister, Interior Designer, NINA PETRONZIO listed Babycakes NYC, It reminded me to get downtown and try their goodies.  This Vegan Organic Bakery is now one of my favorite places to buy sweets.  I'm a new member of the Tender Tummy club and while my situation clearly isn't severe (I've eaten every one of these items listed!), I definitely "watch it" most days.  Here, everything is Wheat, Gluten, Refined Sugar and Dairy Free but somehow still 100% FlavorFULL.  From the gorgeous, on-trend desserts like the pretty cupcakes and gourmet donuts that will make even the most food-sensitive guest feel like they're part of the party.  To the classically delicious chocolate brownies and cookies that are just so good, it doesn't even make sense!  Don't believe me?  Try them…They Deliver by Messenger and FedEx!
  3. This Crust Is A Must: Crust By Stephanie Jayne Crust by Stephanie JayneLOCAL DELIVERYI'd been wanting to try Stephanie's pies for what seems like forever and Thanksgiving was the perfect excuse.  I really liked her flakey, buttery crust and classic, artisinal style. Every pie at this family business, is hand-made by Stephanie Shaiken and her Mom and Dad…and you can tell.  I test drove the Classic Apple...a favorite flavor in my house.  Too bad no one else got to try it (let's be clear...it was a mini).  Anyway, I loved it...truth be told, I never even pulled out a plate! Stephanie has amazing holiday flavors and fun party ideas too....like pies-by-the-slice and pie shooters!  Check out her site for all the details and Holiday Goodness.
  4. Pies With Southern Style: Porch Pies Porch Pies ORDER NATIONALLYI have to admit to being charmed by Robyn Poarch, Pastry Pro and creator of another great pie option, the Southern-inspired, Porch Pies.  According to grandma, who passed her recipes down to Robyn, the "perfect pie crust," is a family right of passage.  But for me, her fillings are the star. Choose from flavors like the Creamy, Sweet Potato the Popular, Buttermilk or the strictly southern, "Chess" Pie (the chocolate chess is great for the kids…like pudding pie!).  Releasing his inner food-critic, my 7-year-old has made it clear that Thanksgiving dinner won't be happening without Robyn's Southern Pecan Pie.  I think he might have his first crush!
  5. Muffin? Cookie? No....Muffookies! muffookiesLOCAL DELIVERYBaking is a big deal in my family…and by "my family" I don't, by any stretch mean me…but my Cousin, Matt...well, he got the gene.  Needless to say, he's the key to almost any home entertaining I do!  He's helped me bake and decorate every birthday cupcake that's ever been served and he makes my favorite banana cake for me whenever I crave it.  But now, I've lost him to a new, family-friendly, creation he calls, the Muffookie.  Aptly named, this delicacy is part muffin, part cookie and you can try them by visiting his new, online shop...Just save some for us!
  6. A Timeless, Classic...The Chocolate Chip Cookie: Cookie Guru cookie guruLOCAL DELIVERY Crispy outside, soft and chewy inside…oh, wow.  I have to take a moment.  Aurelie Vacheresse, otherwise known as the Cookie Guru, puts so much heart and soul into these little discs of heaven that you can practically taste it!  She's created one outstanding chocolate chip cookie.

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