Beth Le Manach: VP Programming, Kin Community + Host, Entertaining with Beth

Beth Le Manach: VP Programming, Kin Community + Host, Entertaining with Beth

Entertaining Pro Cooks Up A Hot LIst Of Faves

ELAINE SAYS: You Tube has never really been a home for me. Yes, I was an early Tsi screener and of course, there's my addiction to Nicky Bluhm van videos but it wasn't until Beth Le Manach introduced me to her Lifestyle Channel, KIN COMMUNITY, that I found a comfy spot for myself. Now, a loyal subscriber to the Kin Channel, with a special affinity for the ENTERTAINING WITH BETH videos that she actually hosts herself, I've confidently added, "cook more" to my resolutions list. Beth is helping to make that happen with her down-to-earth delivery of simple but sophisticated recipes. Watch just one of her videos and you'll see why her friendly style and helpful info has me hooked. Using her filter, I'm able to find ideas that I'd be proud to serve...and are actually do-able! Almond Croissants....Potato Leak Soup, often French-inspired, often kid-friendly...I'm coming along for the ride. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she makes herself available to me for menu emergencies...Thank you eternally, Beth! So, here's what my new entertaining guru has on her own lists. Photo Credit: Karyn R. Millet

A Note From Beth

I think I must have been reincarnated from another time, because my passions are, "the domestic arts".  I get excited over a well-ironed napkin or a juicy tomato still warm from the sun.  I secretly dream of owning my own chickens and a small goat (Could you imagine the fabulous goat cheese omelets that could come of it?).  In today's fast paced world, I think it's important to connect to something more tangible than tech...that actually replenishes the soul.  Like whipping up a homemade meal, or nurturing a garden. Where others may see these activities as "chores",  for me it's really the deepest form of relaxation. One of my biggest satisfactions comes blending a personal passion with a professional pursuit.  Launching Kin Community last year was an eye opening experience. I quickly realized how personally gratifying it is to present a point of view to a global audience and see it resonate.  At the end of the day, if we're able to share our unique vision of the world, and make people's lives a bit better because of it, that is a worthwhile undertaking!   Beth Le Manach

Beth's Online Finds

  1. The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dorenberg beth lemanach's a-list, the list collectiveSHOPI love this book for inspiration in the kitchen!  It's unlike any other cookbook I own.  It's really more of a "reference book" that lists every ingredient you could imagine from Cumin to Rutabagas and then tells you where it comes from, the season it grows, how best to cook it, and then the best part, flavor pairings!  So what foods pair well with cumin or carrots or grapefruit.  It's a great way to get inspired and come up with new flavor combinations.
  2. Vintage Dish Towels hand towels, the list collectiveSHOP I love the muted tones and quality of these hand towels.  I use them as liners for breadbaskets, or as placements. I always go for textiles that are clean and crisp, because they feel so cheery and fresh.
  3. Amora Mustard beth lemanach's a-list, the list collectiveSHOP There's is one thing I always stock up on every time we travel to France, and that's Amora Mustard.  It's the most delicious dijon mustard that is essential to making a great vinaigrette!  Up until now I couldn't find it in the states.  But just noticed they started selling it through Surfas online. Yeah!  Recipe for a foolproof vinaigrette: 1 tbsp Amora Mustard, 1 tbsp vinegar of choice (I like white balsamic vinegar from Trader Joes) 4 tbsp grapeseed oil, 1 minced shallot, salt and pepper to taste, et voila!
  4. The Packit  beth le manach's a-list, the list collectiveSHOPI cannot say enough about The Packit!  I'm seriously obsessed with this product.  I have two children, and neither one of their schools have a fridge in their classroom.  I always like to pack things like cheese, milk and yogurt that need to be refrigerated. It's basically a lunch bag, that you freeze and eliminates having to buy a lunch bag AND those "keep cold blocks" which we somehow always forget to put back in the freezer!  So the Packit is a lifesaver!  They also come in some pretty cute colors too.
  5. Minted beth le manach's a-list, the list collectiveSHOPNowadays there are so many online card sites to choose from, but I've always stayed loyal to Minted. They work a little bit differently in that they are a community of designers that create the designs so you get incredible variety.  I also love the idea of supporting independent designers.  They also have this great feature where you can upload a photo and then click a button to see how the photo looks in a bunch of different designs.  Genius.

Beth's Local Faves: The San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles

  1.  Joy Feast Chinese Restaurant, Encino beth le manach's a-list, the list | 17267 Ventura Boulevard, EncinoWhen we moved out to the valley from West Hollywood, we searched for a long time for a local Chinese restaurant that was not only good but family friendly!  And we found it in Joy Feast!  The food is quick, and delicious with lots of healthy options too. But, the thing I love most about it, are the people who work there.  It's always the same group of people who are excited to see you, welcome your kids no matter who cranky they are, and make "dinning out as a family" an enjoyable treat.  Highly recommend the Chicken Pot Stickers, Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Garlic Beef, and Fish with Scallion Ginger.
  2. Woodland Hills Wine Shop beth le manach's a-list, the list | 22622 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland HillsI think this could be the best wine shop in all of LA.  They have an incredible assortment of wine, and their staff is so helpful and passionate about what they do.  They even sell the wine from the Chateau de Goulaine, the place where we were married in France. It's also one of the only places in LA where I can find traditional French hard cider, which I need to make my galettes!
  3. Tomatomania, Encino beth le manach's a-list, the list | 5251 Hayvenhurst, EncinoOne of the best things about moving to the valley, was having the space to maintain a large vegetable garden. Every spring Tomatomania is THE event that kicks off our growing season.  I look forward to it all year long! It's an event that travels around the country and is the world's largest heirloom tomato seedling sale!  They even have an app where you can view all the varieties, make your selections and then go shopping!  The people there are so knowledgeable and eager to help.  One tip:  Get there on Saturday, if you wait until Sunday some of the best varieties are already gone.  My favorite varieties include: Sun Gold, Green Zebra, Arkansas Traveler, Mr. Stripey
  4. Encino Farmers Market, Encino beth le manach's a-list, the list collective17400 Victory Boulevard, Van NuysThe best part about this market is the fact that they divide it into 2 parts; certified organic stands and non-certified stands.  That way you know what you are buying and don't have to try to figure it out, or ask every farmer what their growing practices are.  They also have a vendor the sells the most incredible wooden salad bowls, true works of art, fun things for the kids to do (face painting, bouncy house) and the best part is the music!  Many of the farmers markets have outlawed musicians, except this one.  There is an older gentleman there sometimes who plays the most beautiful bluegrass music.  I keep telling him I'd love to hire him for a party, because he brings such instant atmosphere!
  5. 99 cents Store, Corbin Village beth le manach's a-list, the list collective19836 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland HillsI love this store because they have a great selection of glassware, and dishes that changes all the time.  We entertain a lot outdoors, and I'm always looking for new types of glassware for specialty cocktails, or interesting little bowls for desserts or nuts. And everything is so cheap that if something breaks while outside, it's not the end of the world. It's also great for coloring books and crayons, which I like to buy for each child and place at the kids table. It keeps the little ones occupied, and then they can keep them and bring them home when they leave.  And again, it's so cheap that's it's an easy thing to do.

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