Homemade For The Holidays: Martha's Chocolate Bark Recipe

Homemade For The Holidays: Martha’s Chocolate Bark Recipe

Try Something Simple and Sweet For Your Friends, Family and Hostesses

ELAINE SAYS: When I saw Martha's Bark Recipe today, I had to share it with you. It seems to me that whether you're a mom looking for a confection connection project, a party goer looking for a simple and personally crafted hostess gift or a a budget conscious celebrator who has more people to acknowledge than money in her wallet, this simple recipe may just offer a sweet answer. I suppose that some of it is in the execution so a tip...I'm told that to keep the melted chocolate from drying chalky, be careful not to overcook it. Remove the chocolate from the heat when it reaches the optimal temperature of 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. If it passes 130 degrees, the chocolate could seize up and lose it's shine when dry. Stir gently as it cools. Now for the fun stuff...as you can see, the topping options are endless. I'm going to be trying Milk Chocolate S'mores and White Chocolate Oreo over the weekend...good quality chocolate required, of course! RECIPE

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