Q & A Friday.... For The Halloween Hostess

Q & A Friday…. For The Halloween Hostess

Q: Dear "E," I need something special to bring to a trick-or-treat party. that's fun for the kids but that's good for adults as well....Any Ideas? Thanks! "M" from New Jersey

A: Dear, “M,”

I chose this as my first question not only because it’s Halloween and likely to be on everyone’s mind at the moment….but also because I love an excuse to talk about Modern Bite.  Truth is, when I saw this hit my inbox I knew it would eventually make my home page.  These cookies are works of art but they’re so good, you don’t mind eating them!  We’ve all sampled enough pretty confections to know that you don’t usually get both.  This LA-based bakery  has created a line of modern and sophisticated Halloween designs (as are all their designs) that will guarantee a big, “wow” at your little soiree.  The kids will most definitely have fun choosing their favorite designs but I doubt your hostess will ever let them leave the adult table.  Modern Bite ships anywhere in the U.S via Fed Ex…It’s a no-brainer.  FIND THEM HERE.

Plus…Thanks to “M,” Modern Bite is offering our readers an exclusive, 15% off our orders!  Just use the code, “LIST15” at checkout.  In order to arrive on Halloween, you’ll need to choose Fedex Overnight…Orders must be placed by 6pm on Sunday, October 28th.  Trust me…You’ll definitely be the most adored guest at the gathering.

I hope this helps…Happy Halloween!


xx -E.

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