Shiri Appleby: Actress + Director, Dating Rules From My Future Self

Shiri Appleby: Actress + Director, Dating Rules From My Future Self

Actress Shiri Appleby Shares Her Fave Bites in LA

ELAINE SAYS: Quirky and well as being the prettiest self-described "nerd" I've ever seen, Actress, Shiri Appleby has been a guilty pleasure for me in her role as Lucy in the fun, web series, "Dating Rules From My Future Self". With Season 2 premiering on August 2nd and her Directorial Debut happening this season, Shiri is most definitely moving forward, as she reminds me of all the funny, odd and memorable moments in my own dating past. But today, Appleby's role as "Food Critic," gets top billing...And I'm buying tickets! Have fun exploring Shiri Appleby's favorite nosh spots in Los Angeles.

  1. Best Bay Cities Knock-Off: All About the Bread VISIT WEBSITE | Location: 8327 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles [Melrose] I love Bay Cities sandwiches but who has the time to drive across town for a sandwich. Now you don’t have to. I can’t imagine that All About The Bread will admit it, but they have an exact replica of my fave Bay Cities sandwich! Order a Signature Sandwich and say, “Give me the works!” and you’re good to go. Now all we need is someone to knock off John’s Garden [in Malibu] and this city will have everything.
  2. Best Hidden Gem: Mario's Peruvian Location: 5786 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles [Larchmont Village] The food at Mario's Peruvian has so much flavor. You’ve gotta try the Ceviche and Saltado de Pollo – chicken, onions, tomatoes and french fries. Trust me!
  3. Best French Food: Buchon VISIT WEBSITE | Location: 235 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills [Beverly Hills] I’m a Bouchonaholic. One plate of their steak frites and I’m a happy girl. Oh, and don’t pass on the seafood platter...It’s heaven. So is their full bar!
  4. Best Indian: Electric Karma VISIT WEBSITE | Location: 8222 1/2 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles [3rd Street] I don’t know if Electric Karma is the best Indian in the city but it is definitely my favorite. Their Tandori Vegetable Salad is ridiculous. I can’t believe more girls don’t know about it. Plus, they will make any of their dishes dairy free so just ask.
  5. Best Seafood: Son of a Gun VISIT WEBSITE | Location: 8370 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles [3rd Street] Lobster Rolls, Fried Chicken Sandwich, Alligator schnitzel, oysters and margaritas. Need I say more? They have a communal table, which makes the place have a party feel. It’s not to be missed.
  6. Best Carrot Cake: Joan's On Third VISIT WEBSITE | Location: 8350 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles [3rd Street] Joan’s on Third is a staple of this city and rightfully so. My favorite desert in the world is carrot cake and Joan makes the best one I’ve tasted in town. Three layers of cream cheese and the cake is so moist and dense. I had it as my b-day cake for my 30th, if that’s any indication about how good it is.
  7. Best Sushi: Sushi Park Location: 8539 West Sunset Boulevard #20, West Hollywood [Sunset Strip] Here’s the drill: Walk into Sushi Park, take a seat, and let them know you’ll take the chefs special. Then they’ll start sending plate after plate to your table with the freshest fish. It will blow your mind. The meal ends with their famous blue crab hand roll and a smile on your face. They only do sushi so if you’re a fan of chicken teriyaki this is not your spot.
  8. Best Group Dinner: Ammo VISIT WEBSITE | Location: 1155 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles [Hollywood] I’ve had so many fun, special nights at Ammo. The food always delivers and the room has such a great, relaxed, cool vibe. Order a bunch of stuff and share with your friends, the way a meal should be.
  9. Best Late Night Pizza: Damiano's Mr. Pizza Location: 412 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles [Fairfax] Damiano’s is ridiculous pizza and the fact that they deliver late makes it only that much better. It gives a NYC slice a run for it’s money.
  10. Best Burger: In and Out VISIT WEBSITE | Location: 7009 Sunset Boulevard [Sunset Strip] I know “the best burger ever” is all the rage right now. But to me, nothing can beat a good ‘ole fashioned, In-N-Out burger. And their fries? Fuggedaboutit!!

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