You're My Hero

You’re My Hero

3 Superior Subs That Will Most Definitely Save The Day

Maybe it was reading Michael Towey's Sandwich List or maybe I've just been working too much and using gum as a meal replacement. But I decided that today, I'm going to write up MY favorite sandwich entries. Lord knows I don't have 'em often, but when i do, here are 3 that I like...scratch to grab. [photo courtesy, kosmonautica]

  1. The Josh:  Larchmont Wine and Cheese larchmont wine and cheeselarchmont wine storeLOCATION: 223 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles [Larchmont Village]We have ordered this so many times that we just named it after my husband (don't try to order it by name because they'll have no idea what you're talking about).  Every time he gets it I go through the same routine…oh, no…I can't do the carbs.  Oh, I'll just have a bite…oh…ok, just 1/2.  And eventually, we're wishing we got another one.  It's ridiculous.  His fave isn't on the menu so to be sure, just order it like this:  turkey and salami on a french baguette, with the spread, balsamic and olive oil, mozzerella (freshly cut...mmm) and greens.  Sounds simple, right....OMG.
  2. The Burrata and Pesto: All About The Bread burrataaatb store VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 7111 North Melrose Boulevard, Los Angeles [Melrose] I have to agree with Lister, Shiri Appleby when she ranked All About the Bread's, "Godfather Sandwich," as one of her faves.  It's a great sandwich, and if you love Bay Cities, I'm told that's the one to have.  But for me, it's all about the Burrata! Creamy burrata cheese, sundered tomatoes, fresh basil home made pesto, tomatoes and roasted peppers between their home baked bread. Mmmm.
  3. The Torpedo: Potato Chips pcsandwichpc sign LOCATION: 7613 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles [Beverly]Warm, Warm, Warm Warm.  Did I mention the sandwich is warm? This is Steven Arroyo's (Cobra's and Matadors) Sandwich Shop and it is nothing short of deeelish.  I like the Torpedo, which I started getting when they told me it was a trimmed- down version of  The Italian. I figured that would be a could choice....but I had no idea how good! Calabrian Salami, capicola, provolone, tomato, red onion, pickles, iceberg, mayo oil and vinegar on a WARM, sesame roll.  Now, they don't bake the bread there but still…structure outside, soft inside...the photo doesn't do it justice.  seriously good.  Insiders Tip: If you ask nicely, they'll make a 6-footer for your next party….just like the good 'ol days.
  4. The Turkey Pesto Panini: Bricks and Scones turkey pesto paninibricks and sconesLOCATION: 403 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles [North Larchmont] Bricks and Scones is special to me because I spent so much time working there while standing up this project.  It's a family owned business with a friendly staff and a relaxed environment.  These are really nice people.  And mom makes a mean Panini.  It's seriously one of my favorite sandwiches in lucky was that?  Turkey, pesto, mozzarella on a multi-grain ciabatta, cooked to delicate and crispy perfection.

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