Behind The List with Anne Heche

Behind The List with Anne Heche

Tickle Time Founder And Actress, Anne Heche Lives A Life Full Of Smiles And Sunscreen

If you haven't read her A-List yet, CLICK HERE. And if you haven't tried her innovative, new sunscreen for kids, go behind the list with Anne Heche and find out why you should.

  1. You've probably had so many ideas...why Tickle Time? Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveI have never heard a parent say, "putting sunblock on my kid was really easy this morning." I needed to change that. Protecting our children's skin is one of the best things we can do as a parent. Tickle Time makes it easy and fun. The best part about it: Your kids will yell out, "It's Tickle Time," every morning, protecting themselves before you have to remember.
  2. What makes it a game-changer for moms? Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveIt's simple. It's easy. And it works!
  3. What have you learned from the transition between actress and entrepreneur? Behind The LIst: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveBeing an entrepreneur is harder than acting, but I have a lot of fun doing both. It's hard to beat the feeling I get when a mom calls me up and says that Tickle Time changed her life. Although making a fool of myself on my new show, Save Me, feels pretty good, too!
  4. Tell us how you cope with the too-familiar, family/career juggle? Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveI think women these days have become master multi-taskers. Finding time to love your family the way you want, respecting your work the way you need, engaging with friends and staying healthy are things we all expect of ourselves. Having so many things go on in my life is a privilege and I love it!
  5. Any advice or insight for moms with an idea? Behind The List: Anne Heche, The List CollectiveGo for it! Pay attention to every detail, don't back down when someone tells you its not worth your time or energy because creating something in the world is something you will always be able to take pride in and something your children will always respect of you. I can't tell you how fun it is to have Homer and Atty say that they helped create Tickle Time.

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