A "Best Made" Holiday

A “Best Made” Holiday

Best Made = Some Of This Season's Best Gift Picks

Just the other day in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I received notice that the folks at one of my favorite gift resources, NYC's Best Made Co., were dry, well and had even managed to release a new, spirit-lifting product...The Best Made Famous Red Blanket. This piece, a collaboration with the iconic, Pendleton company, simply shines marrying simple, modern, classic appeal with the design details that give BEST MADE CO. products their emotional and inspiring heirloom quality. Inspiring in that they make me want to write about them and of course, purchase them for every rugged, design-centric man I know. A unique dichotomy? I say, "not-so-much". Founder, Peter Buchanan-Smith is actually such a man himself, having spent many years unwinding in the Canadian outdoors and then more, behind a NYC drafting desk where he was a graphic designer advising clients from Isaac Mizrahi to Wilco. The convergence of these wonderfully opposing interests all began with an axe...but not just any axe, as you'll see below. Peter knew what one needed in an axe and also, what would make this rugged, lumberjack's gear anything but unrefined. My husband and I have purchased several of them as gifts for people whom we knew would understand and appreciate them....and they did. But whether it's a blanket, an axe or one of the other scout-worthy products in the beautifully crafted line that speaks to you, you can rest assured that there is plenty of camp-cred in each lovely one. Bookmark this post, buy your gifts now and get ready to see a little sparkle in your guys' eye, friend's eye, your own eye, when he opens...well....anything Peter makes. Below, some of my favorites....Read more about Peter and what makes his own A-LIST HERE.

  1. It all started with the axe Best Made Co., The List CollectiveIf you haven't read Peter's A-List and my set-up there, then you may not know about the axes....and I'm happy to repeat myself. There are 2 sizes and many unique and graphic designs to choose from, each one promising the craftsmanship that an axe requires. Choose from the solid to striped designs or if you prefer, order an axe handle emblazoned with one of Best Made's 4 most prized virtues: Courage, Compassion, Grace or Fortitude (comes with a virtues badge set).  These are absolute works of art. Axes | $250-300
  2. Axe Cases Because a beautiful axe deserves a proper resting place... Duck Canvas Axe Case | $110 + Axe Box | $150
  3. The Famous Red Wool Blanket Best Made Co., The List CollectivePeter couldn't find the classic, red wool blanket he was dreaming of, so he made one.  Teaming up with the legendary, Pendleton Woolen Mills, he took stock that his collaboration would represent the best of both worlds.  The tradition of Pendleton beautifully supports Best Made's signature design details, creating a modern heirloom.  From the Best Made adjective, "famous," woven into the lower corner to the signature "X," graphically marking the center of the blanket, it is a beauty. Famous Red Wool Blanket | $245
  4. The Famous Red Board Short famous red board short, best made, the list collectiveAnother well orchestrated collaboration but this time for less than $100.  Leaving the woods for the ocean and joining forces with the iconic 70's surf culture brand, Lightening Bolt, Peter gave this well-honed board short his own, red spin. Famous Red Board Short | $70
  5. The Gear Bag the gear bag, best made, the list collectiveWhen I hear details like kevlar and waxed canvas, I'm thinking, "weather-proof and indestructible" and that tends to work for most guys.  The navy canvas is waterproof and the little, brass feet underneath allow you to set it anywhere.  I love the sturdy + stylish design and practical detail as well...interior pockets and key ring, exterior pencil slots and it even comes with a tin of wax for waterproofing.  I love the red, grommeted tabs as well. The Gear Bag | $240
  6. More Best Made for $100 or Less best made, the list collectiveThere are so many fun gadgets and pieces of gear to browse....they all offer the requisite subtle design cred and many are also well less than $100, like  those pictured here including: The simple and sexy, Standard Tee + The Hobo Knife, The Waxed Canvas Travel Zip Case + The Apron.

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