Elaine Loves...Garde

Elaine Loves…Garde

A Collection Of Nest Finds That Simply Render Me Defenseless

There are some shops that are so lovely...so thoughtful....that when you enter you are transported. Such is the case with Garde, a recent addition to the collection of Beverly Boulevard boutiques in my LA neighborhood, that often make my own list and thanks to their online shop, can make it onto anyones. Upon entering, it is your guard, in fact, that comes down. At least, this is what happened to me during my recent visit. The energy of my browsing eventually culminated in a conversation with Scotti Sitz, the owner, about this piece, that piece...well, about everything. After transplanting in LA from NYC, the former fashion executive [for luxury brands like, Armani] found herself romanced by her love for interiors but wanting for her own home, things she just couldn't find. Taking a spot in the drivers seat, she decided to open a store of her own which has yielded many satisfying moments and satisfied customers. It's easy to see why. This earthy modernist environment is a simple and beautifully calming space filled with a "just right" amount of hand chosen artisinal objects and small brands. From Brooklyn, the charming, Michelle Quan Bells hung artfully next to the spectacular, Fredrick and Mae Worry Beads...two of my favorites. From Los Angeles, the fluffy and inviting, Hedge House Handmade Bedrolls beckoned a day of lounging on the hammock or by the fire. The surprisingly wallet-friendly Foutas from Fouta One were created in wonderfully soothing colors. And Philadelphia's Lostine Cutting Boards with leather handles, emerged as perfect gift picks. Below, you'll find these and just a few more of the highlights from my visit. Oh...and of course, I encourage you to visit GARDE ONLINE to see all the pretty items I wasn't able to include here. Be sure to inquire about any of these items, as they are filling their online store as quickly as they can. Or...just stay tuned for more of my holiday gift lists, where there is sure to be a Garde moment or two! xx -e

  1. The Unexpected: Michelle Quan Bells and  Fredrick and Mae Worry Beads michelle quan bells, the list collectivefredericks and mae worry beadsgarde shop, the list collectiveThese bells all sound slightly different and equally beautiful and the worry beads are a work of art. The last photo shows them displayed in the store.  I found myself coming back to them over and over.
  2. For Relaxing: Hedge House Handmade Bedrolls hedge house bed rolls, the list collectivehedge house bed rolls, the list collectiveI absolutely had to resist the temptation to just lay down in these luscious, handmade cushions.  The bottom photo, courtesy of remodelista, really illustrates the variety of patterns.
  3. Textiles: Fautas by Fouta One  foutas by fouta one, the list collectiveI loved the quality of the colors woven into these foutas and I find them to make a bathroom or trip to the beach feel more like a vacation.  At $30, they are a beautiful type of gift that we don't often buy for ourselves.
  4. The Masculine: Leather Handled Cutting Boards by Lostine lostine cutting boards at garde, the list collectiveWhen your cooking or entertaining go-to's get a little too femme, add one of these to balance it out.  A perfect gift and one that will definitely be going to a couple of my loved ones.
  5. Tabletop: Urban Oasis and Mud Australia  urban oasis ripple cup with lid at garde, the list collectivemudd australia at garde, the list collectiveOrganic and modern tabletop accessories from Urban Oasis and Mud Australia are the types of things I find in the stores I love most and tend to be a bit of a compass for me.  I was happy to see them and surely will be purchasing this ripple cup with lid along with the trays, bowls and coffee accessories shown below.

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