Heather Taylor: Gallerist + Founder, Taylor Decordoba Gallery

Heather Taylor: Gallerist + Founder, Taylor Decordoba Gallery

Gallerist Heather Taylor's 7 Steps to Becoming an Art Collector

ELAINE SAYS: I first met HEATHER TAYLOR while at her gallery, TAYLOR DECORDOBA, in LA's, Culver City and it was a "love of art" fest. Heather is smart, approachable and has great taste....the perfect person to give the discriminating but new collector, some tips for getting started. Heather is wonderful at placing the right artwork with the right collector as she is more than a gallerist but a lifestyle expert as well. Check out her blog, "LA In Bloom" and her column, Chef Speak for the Huffington Post and you'll see what I mean. Some of Heather's suggestions here, focus on LA-based resources but the overall directive can be applied to any town. Most importantly, collect things you love with care and intent and your home will be a beautiful and comfortable place. For some inspiration, visit Heather's gallery website and browse the talented artists she represents like my favorites, Kimberly Brooks (shown above), Hadley Holiday (also listed HERE) and Jeana Sohn, who happened to also take this fabulous photo of Heather! [visit jeana's blog, closet visit] PS: Check out Heather's new line of TABLE LINENS for her eponymous, Heather Taylor Home and find out who she claims is her secret crush in her "behind the list" post

  1. Do Some Local Research Spend time trolling gallery websites in your town, to see what artists that different galleries are showing.  Or even better, spend one Saturday a month walking around the art galleries in your area. Start to discover what kind of work you are attracted to...and don't be afraid to ask questions! This way you'll learn something about what's on view and you will begin to familiarize yourself with the gallery staff. Oh and make sure to sign up for email mailing lists on your way out the door. This way you'll stay on top of what's happening. Editor Note: Check out the For Your Art, Neighborhood Gallery Directory for a cheat sheet.
  2. Hit Up the Art Auctions Visiting the Art Auctions in your city is a great way to see a lot of work for sale in a short period of time. And there are often great deals to be had. In Los Angeles, I recommend: The LACE auction, the LAX auction and the Art of Elysium auction. Also, people love the Venice Art Walk & Auction.
  3. Work With An Art Advisor WLMVISIT WEBSITEWhy not work with a trusted resource who knows the current art scene better than you do? Art advisors will help you select the perfect pieces to start your collection. For example, we've been selling many pieces through WLM Advisors, an LA-based company started by three art professionals who have a level of enthusiasm that is perfectly suited for any collector.
  4. Inquire about "Budget Friendly" Artwork by High-End Artists VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: Taylor DeCordoba 2660 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles Many galleries carry at least some, "budget friendly" artwork...don't be afraid to ask.  For example, at Taylor De Cordoba, we carry large oil paintings for $12,000 but we also sell small paintings or works on paper for $1,200. It depends on size and where the artist is in his or her career, among other factors. We have been selling small oil painting maquettes that Kimberly Brooks uses as studies for her larger paintings. They are gorgeous pieces in their own right and a much more approachable alternative for the new collector. Editor Note: Learn more about Kimberly Brooks Here
  5. Look Outside the Galleries Too Traditional white cube galleries are not your only option.  GIANT ROBOT on Sawtelle offers some amazingly cool collectible finds. One of my favorite purchases was a limited edition set of three prints by Ai Yamaguchi, which I purchased from GR2. The prints came in a beautiful hand-painted box and the whole package was under $500.
  6. Consider Collecting Limited Edition Prints VISIT WEBSITE Prints can be really gorgeous and collectible. The website 20x200 releases small runs of beautiful prints every week. And prices start at twenty bucks.
  7. Read Good Art Blogs & Websites VISIT WEBSITE The right Art Blogs and Websites will give you an edited list of events happening around town, and help you stay current. I check in with For Your Art on a weekly basis.

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