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Serena Dugan + Lily Kanter: Co-Founders, Serena & Lily

Serena Dugan + Lily Kanter: Co-Founders, Serena & Lily

An Inspiring Pair Shares Their Favorite Things List

ELAINE SAYS: The story behind Serena Dugan and Lily Kanter's inspired collaboration, SERENA & LILY is the type that makes me excitedly anticipate and remain open to the unexpected. It's a love story of sorts...at least it has many of the same components. Serena, a textile designer, wanders into Lily's baby boutique. They hit it off...there's creative chemistry. They share the feeling that something fresh is missing in the baby bedding category. It could have stopped there...but it didn't. What is the saying....it's not the idea that is great, it's the action after the idea? Something like that. Well, they did take action. In fact, they created what has since become a truly lovely lifestyle brand. If you've visited my GIFT BOUTIQUE, you've surly noticed a constant rotation of decor items from their line. Classic meets Bohemian, they put a spin on their style that makes each component feel natural to one who'd normally favor the other. Adding order to earthy...infusing crispness with creativity...I'm always excited to see what each new collection brings. I hope you enjoy peeking into their equally as inspired lifestyles and that you'll discover a few new things for your own.


Serena & Lily's Online Finds

  1. Serena: Campsite Studio serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.campsite-studio.comCampsite is a New York based design blog and studio run by visual designer Max Ritt. It’s an incredible, all encompassing design blog. I visit it regularly for inspiration
  2. Lily: Taigan serena & lily's a-list, the list collectiveSHOP | www.taigan.comTaigan is a collection of unique specialty stores from around the U.S. I use it to find independent specialty goods. They have every category. It’s a great site.
  3. Serena: A Day In May Design stationary, serena & lily's a-list, the list collectiveSHOP | www.adayinmay.comA Day In May does beautiful design work for everything from invitations to websites. It’s my favorite stationary and they’re great ladies.
  4. Lily: Margate Plates serena & lily's a-list, the list collectiveSHOP | www.serenaandlily.comI absolutely love the Margate Plates from our fall collection. They are hand-painted and the pattern is raised ever so slightly so the design becomes textural. I’m pairing it with our Cadiz Runner in Cayenne and our black Durban Plates.
  5. Serena: Strawberry Luna serena & lily's a-list, the list collectiveSHOP | www.strawberryluna.comStrawberry Luna is a design and printmaking studio with really great poster art. Their roots are in rock music, so the designs are strong and vibrant. I love the bold colors on their designs
  6. Lily: Project Decor serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.projectdecor.comOn Project Décor you can create design boards for different rooms and projects. It’s like a Polyvore for home décor. It’s pretty new, but I’m intrigued by the concept.

Serena & Lily's Local Faves

  1. Serena: Nancy Ann Flowers & Gifts serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.nancyannflowers.comNancy Ann’s is a good old-fashioned local florist in Sausalito. She always has fresh, beautiful options. I live up the street and stop by in the morning for fresh flowers. I couldn’t do without them
  2. Lily: Burritt Room & Tavern serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.burritttavern.comThe Burritt Room and Tavern in San Francisco makes fantastic cocktails. My husband and I like to go for a night of dinner and drinks in the city.
  3. Serena: Buckeye Roadhouse serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.buckeyeroadhouse.comThe gimlet at Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley is a favorite. It’s something they make special for the holidays. It’s the perfect seasonal treat.
  4. Lily: El Paseo serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.elpaseomillvalley.comEl Paseo is a Tyler Florence restaurant in Mill Valley. It’s one of my all time favorites. It’s totally charming. The food is amazing, but I really love the ambiance.
  5. Serena: Sushi Ran serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.sushiran.comThe old style crunch roll at Sushi Ran is incredible. It’s not on the menu, so you have to ask for it.
  6. Lily: Summer House serena & lily's a-list, the list collectivewww.sumerhouse57milvalley.comThis home store in Mill Valley carries the most unique pieces. I like everything in there. They always have great art and one-of-a-kind finds.

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