A Fresh Look At Classic Brands...All Made In America

A Fresh Look At Classic Brands…All Made In America

A Post Election Round-Up That Celebrates American Made Classics

ELAINE SAYS: What a night.. Today, we celebrate the American labels that have withstood the test of trends and time. These iconic brands remain touchstones of our fashion culture by working tough materials and enduring design into the weave. I thought it would be the perfect day to pay homage to their legacy and celebrate their future. So, here's to the classics as well as all the incredible, new designers like Steven Alan, Clare Vivier, Billy Kirk and so many of the brands and artisans featured right here on The List Collective, that continue to build on their "Made In The USA" legacy.

  1. LL Bean Who doesn't have at least 1 boat neck, classic striped shirt in their closet?  It's replaced and freshened-up every year and this version with 3/4 sleeves is one of the classics. The 100-year-old company is still based in Maine and family-owned, named after its founder, Leon Leonwood Bean.  LL Bean still operates with its Leon's philosophy, ""Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings and they will always come back for more.".  That works. SHOP
  2. J.W. Hulme Co. Making leather and canvas goods from St. Paul, Minnesota for over 100 years, J.W. Hulme products are sturdy, timeless and only enhanced by the patina of age.  The lifetime guarantee backs the claim and "Made In America" is at the heart of their philosophy.  Pictured here...the Fairmount Satchel Handbag
  3. Woolrich With humble beginnings in 1830, John Rich built the first mill in Plum Run, Pennsyvania.  Woolrich is credited for putting the first zipper in men's trousers and of course, beloved for their signature, Buffalo Check Shirt.  But these PJ's represent a cozy new reason to "check" them out.  SHOP
  4. Pendleton Woolen Mills Pendleton Woolen Mills has been a family-owned business for 140 years.  With it's roots in Oregon, the founder built the company on blanket designs inspired by the local, Native American culture.  We still see those inspirations today including the crib blanket pictured here.  Now even your bambino can have a well-collected and cozy nest.  Many more styles and sizes available.  SHOP
  5. Levi Strauss and Co. There is still nothing like a cute tush in a pair of Levis 501 Red Tabs.  Call my taste, "old school" but put my man in a pair of Levis any day.  SHOP

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