Introducing...Mannin's Insignia Collection

Posted on October 24th, 2012

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Introducing…Mannin’s Insignia Collection

"Forever Jewelry" at New, Affordable Price Points

I was originally introduced to Suzanne Donegan’s, Mannin Fine Jewelry when ONE KINGS LANE’S, ANDREA STANFORD included it in her A-LIST  My own curiosity, of course, propelled me to investigate and what I found has really stayed with me.  Classic, timeless, beautiful pieces that would be a welcome addition to any jewelry wardrobe.  I went further, visiting Suzanne at her studio and learning about the incredible passion and ethos that goes into her designs.  Her gold colors are custom, her materials are sourced sustainably, her bar is quite high and well….her talent, notable.  But alas, the line, although worth every penny, is pricey.  Which brings me to this post.  New for this season’s holiday shopping, Suzanne is launching the INSIGNIA COLLECTION FROM MANNIN FINE JEWELRY, an equally as covetable but more budget-friendly line of bespoke jewelry.  As expected, each piece is carefully crafted in sterling silver with a 22K Gold, high quality overlay.  The line includes Mannin’s signature silhouettes and custom monogramming options, which ensures a gift that is especially sentimental. And priced between $175 and $575, also affordable. Plus, Mannin is all made in America….LA to be exact!  PS:  Suzanne playfully offers a gift hinting service…visit her site to see how you can “gently suggest” a cuff, necklace, ring or whatever your favorite item might be!

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