New, New, New....Shop New Items In The Gift Boutique!

New, New, New….Shop New Items In The Gift Boutique!

Shiny, Splattered and Bright for the Holidays

For The Holidays:

  1. Glass Ornaments from Serena and Lily glass tree ornaments, the list collective boutiqueThese gorgeous, glass ornaments come in the most serene template of colors.  Combine that palate  with the simple form and subtle shine.  Add some white lights and it's just a perfect backdrop for whatever home made and crafty additions you've created.
  2. My Favorite Menorah from Areaware + Josh Dixon areaware menorah, the list collective gift boutiqueLast year my sister and I fell so in love with this menorah that we gifted it to each other!  We both flipped over the graphic punch it packs and the tray below is my savior. Josh Dixon....I thank you, my sister thanks you and both of our tables thank you.
  3. Christmas Stocking from Kate Spade stocking from kate spade, the list collective gift boutique What a simple, happy, charming stocking....If I were hanging one, I'd buy it!


Shiny, Sparkly and Splattered:

  1. Splatter Painted Bag and Boots splatter painted bag and boot by loeffler randall, the list collective gift boutique Loeffler Randall did such a nice job with these two so I had to include them in this week's new, boutique collection.  Both so elegant...especially impressive when working with splatter could be a big miss.  I'll take one of each!
  2. Sequin Pumps Etta Sequin Pump by JCrew, the list collective gift boutique
  3. Joanna Welted Oxford, Loeffler Randall joanna oxford by loeffler randall, the list collective gift boutique I'm getting a little carried away with shoes, which admittedly is an unlikely gift item...but I couldn't help it.  The Oxford is just the most practical shoe and this finish gives my favorite workhorse a big dose of pretty.

Soft and Warm:

  1. Plum Herringbone Throw by Serena and Lily plum herringbone throw by serena and lily, the list collective gift boutique A well chosen throw is one of my favorite gifts.  That's not to say it's inventive but it's always used in the most snuggly way so to me, so it's a feel-good gift.  This plum color just grabbed my attention but it comes in many others.
  2. A Cashmere Loop Scarf,  Faux Fur Bag Tag and a Clutch I just love... the list collective gift boutiqueThe scarf pictured here gives me looks so soft and fluffy and the color is classic and timeless.  The second item is a cute, fun accessory for  handbag or keychain that it soft and tactile....whoever you give it to will play with it all day!  Lastly, I couldn't resist just adding this amazing Rochas clutch.  It's WAS pricey but now it's %50 OFF!  Hurry!!!

For The Boudoir

  1. Stella McCartney Day-Of-The-Week Underwear Set Stella McCartney Day of the Week Underwear, the list collective gift boutique I loooove this gift idea from Stella McCartney.  It's not at the top of most of our necessities list, which makes it a perfect choice.  Intimate but not at all serious...pretty but not too sexy.  Love it.
  2. Piamita Printed Silk-Twill PJ's silk pajamas, the list collective gift boutiqueI posted and tweeted about this on cyber monday and they're still on sale.  I'd wear the top with jeans and  booties or a heel as well....when you have something that pretty, no need to keep it in only the bedroom!

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