Alanna Zabel: Yoga Pro + Founder, AZIAM

Alanna Zabel: Yoga Pro + Founder, AZIAM

Yoga Lifestyle Guru Shares The Little Things That Provide Big Peace Of Mind

ELAINE SAYS: Part of the Journey of this blog is to discover inspiring people that can become our resources for new ideas, powerful thoughts or even just simple pleasures. And maybe it's my own frenetic Gemini nature but I'm always struck by people who are able to define a specific focus and sustain a deep commitment to it. Alanna Zabel certainly qualifies. Voted, "Best Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles," in 2011 by LA Family Magazine, she's also a Pilates and Fitness Instructor with a double BA in Psychology and Child Development. Here in LA, Alanna founded her YogaDance company, who's first performance was at a private party at Michael Jackson's home at Neverland....way to kick it off. As her passions became clearer, she created AZIAM [ie: Alanna Zabel I Am], her modern yoga lifestyle brand and the web-hub for her retreats, classes [both here and in additional cities], cleanses, blog, community, shop and children's books [she's extremely involved in kids fitness and development] including a a children's version of Deepak Chopra's best seller, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success". Alanna works with clients from Kelly Lynch and Adam Levine to NBA and PGA athletes and been featured in countless magazines from Self and C to People and InStyle. She also contributes to The Huffington Post as well as one of my favorite sites, The Well Daily, where I enjoy her insights regularly. But even with all of that, she somehow maintains her calm and center, so in the spirit of absorbing a bit of that grace, I asked her to share some of her most accessible secrets. I encourage you to try her free guided meditation download and check out this list of Little Things That Go A Long Way. xx -e

  1. My Favorite Sleep Saver: Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus ionic fizz magnesium plusVISIT WEBSITEIonic Fizz Magnesium Plus – I take a scoop of this every night in a large glass of water. Not only do I sleep better, but my muscles are not sore (regardless of what kind of workout I did the day before) and I feel more hydrated in my joints.
  2. Sweet Start To My Day: Taos Herb Co. Sweet Grass Incense sweet grass incenseVISIT WEBSITEI start every day by burning a stick of sweet grass incense. It is a great way to start the day, along with any intentions you’d like to add to the experience
  3. An Enlightening Escape: Esalen Institute, Big Sur esalen institute big surVISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION:Esalen Institute in Big Sur  55000 Highway 1 Big Sur, California Esalen Institute offers four of my favorite practices: 1) Jungian Psychology 2) Yoga 3) Dance 4) Natural Hot Springs. Plus the environment of Big Sur is unbeatable with the Redwood trees and ocean perch.
  4. RX for Thirsty Skin: Destiny Boutique Argan Oil argan oilVISIT WEBSITEDestiny Boutique Argan oil – Nothing absorbs into my skin as well as argan oil. I use it around my eyes and brow area. I have not embarked on the “botox” path. Instead, I slather this blend of argan and rose oil on my third eye every night to keep the area from “furrowing”
  5. Yoga Clothes with a Conscious: AZIAM Wife Lover aziam wife love tankVISIT WEBSITEAZIAM Wife Lover – The best fitting tank I have ever found. Amazing fabric and great message. For every “Wife Lover” sold, 10% of profits benefit victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  6. Take It Down A Notch: Davinci Sound Theta Frequency Meditation davinci method meditation VISIT WEBSITEDavinci Sound Theta Frequency Meditation – I keep this meditative, theta frequency sound, playing all day in my apartment. My dog is a hyper breed, but many people comment on how chill he is. I credit the theta frequency sounds. I recommend parents to do the same.
  7. A 10 On The Scrub Scale: Lizard Luster Lemony Body Buff lizard luster lemony body buffVISIT WEBSITELizard Luster Lemony Body Buff by V’TAE – this blend of sea salt, aloe, lemon, almond oil and other skin tonics is the best scrub I have ever found. It’s not to harsh, but not to soft – perfect for a pre-yoga warm up in the shower.
  8. Mantra Manifesto: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Edwin F. Bryant yoga sutras of patanjaliVISIT WEBSITEThe Yoga Sutras of Patañjali: A New Edition, Translation, and Commentary by Edwin F. Bryant – I never travel without this book. It sheds light onto the ancient yoga sutras, helping to tie in the philosophy with the practice.
  9. Naturally Nourishing: Fresh, Young Coconut coconutVISIT WEBSITEFresh young coconut – nothing beats the refreshing, hydrating nourishment of a fresh young cocount. I don’t find the boxed or bottled versions of coconut water to have the same healing properties as a fresh coconut. Plus, it reminds me of India, Costa Rica and Mexico – all of which I love to visit.
  10. Favorite Local Resource: Erewhon Natural Foods Market erewhon marketVISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: Erewhon Health Food Store 7660-B Beverly Boulevard, Los AngelesErewhon Health Food Store – hands down THE best health food store in Los Angeles. They just came out with their own line of fresh juices, and they are amazing! Plus they carry products that I can’t get anywhere else. Whoever does their product research, testing and buying is brilliant.

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