Alex Decordoba: Co-Founder, Taylor Decordoba Gallery + Cyclist

Alex Decordoba: Co-Founder, Taylor Decordoba Gallery + Cyclist

Bike Rides and Bling Pros From a Real Spokes Person

ELAINE SAYS: Imagine....the sun is shining, temps are soaring back up to's actually just winter in LA! Our recent heatwave, inspired me to publish this list of "insider" bike rides and resources for the budding or expert cyclist in you. Why in January? Yes, I know that many of you are still bundled up in your puffer coats! Well...because I'm in Los Angeles and I can....And because we all know that it will be spring before you can say, "bike pump". So, fellow Holiday De-Bloaters and California Dreamers...I urge you to read this list ["everywhere" rides are included] and get inspired to ride your own city in the spring, head west or open your front door and take the ride of your life, courtesy of Alex DeCordoba. Alex is the cycling obsessed co-owner of the Art Gallery, Taylor DeCordoba ["Taylor," being his wife Heather Taylor, who's past list you can read HERE]. In addition, Alex reps the urban commuter fave, the Strida Folding Bike [which, if you haven't seen, you'll enjoy for it's quirky, modern design] and writes a cycling blog called, The Engaged Observer. My husband recently took his advice and brought the kids to CicLavia [listed below and happening in many cities]. As promised, it was an amazing time. So, here we go bike enthusiasts of all levels and ages....get ready for spring or enjoy your Angeleno winter, with this CycLIST!!

  1. For The Lover of Midcentury Design & Architecture: Bike Haus bikehauslaVISIT WEBSITEAn architectural sightseeing bike ride that mostly concentrates on mid-century-modern residential homes.  [Email for more info:]
  2. For A MASSive Experience: Critical Mass Los Angeles [Additional Cities Online] losangelescriticalmassVISIT WEBSITEThe largest monthly group ride in L.A. is now officially sanctioned by the city. Los Angeles Police on bikes and motorcycles escort the thousand plus cyclists that participate. Every cyclist should try Critical Mass at least once in their life. I cannot explain what it feels like and I won't try to here. The ride averages a comfortable 8mph pace and covers around 25-30 miles. It meets the last Friday of every month at the Red Line station at the northeast corner of Wilshire and Western. If you ever get lost, just look for the police helicopter hovering over the ride.
  3. For The Explorer: The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time cadonutesfrontVISIT WEBSITEThis ride will expose you to places and things in L.A. that you never knew existed. Each ride is a carefully curated experience, complete with an introductory email that arrives a few hours before the ride begins. Organized by The Royal Academy and Nathan Snider. The Passage Ride meets every Wednesday at 8:30pm at California Donuts #21, at the corner of 3rd & New Hampshire in Koreatown.
  4. For All Levels: The Los Angeles Wheelmen wheelmenVIEW WEBSITEBicycle Clubs in Los Angeles date back to the 19th century and the Los Angeles Wheelmen are still riding strong a century later. This bicycle club is perfect for cyclists who want to ride during the day. They organize Sunday rides throughout L.A. that have short, medium and long distance options to accommodate cyclists of nearly any ability. They also organize the very popular Fargo Street Hillclimb [], a yearly contest to ride up the steepest street in L.A. This year, I managed to do it 17 times [11th place], though that's a far cry from 62 consecutive ascents by the record holder, William Aligue. [Check site for ride schedule].
  5. For The City Dweller: CicLAvia [Additional Cities Online] VISIT WEBSITEAround 30 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia, residents fed up with snarled traffic and pollution decided to close the streets to cars and let the people enjoy this public space as a temporary park to play, exercise, listen to music and simply enjoy being outdoors. Every Sunday, 30% of the city's residents participate in the event. Today, cities across the world are taking up the idea and Los Angeles is no exception. The first three CicLAvia events were such a huge success (over 100,000 people showed up) that even in this auto-centric town, people are working behind the scenes to make CicLAvia a monthly event. Experience 10 miles of car-free streets at the next event, which is April 15th, 2012, 10am-3pm.
  1. Bicycle Kitchen bicyclekitchenVISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION:706 North Heliotrope Drive, East HollywoodIf there is one, the corner of Heliotrope and Melrose is the heart of cycling culture in Los Angeles. This is due to the efforts of the Bicycle Kitchen, the first bike co-op in Los Angeles. Now there are more than a half dozen such places where people can learn how to fix a flat tire, true a wheel and even convert their parent's 70s road bike into a fixie, or their child's fixie into a road bike. Aside from the feeling of accomplishment from mastering a difficult hill or riding across town, there's no greater pleasure than tuning up or repairing your own bike. And at $7/hour, there's no better deal in town either.
  2. Safety Cycle Bicycle Shop safety cycleVISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 1014 North Western Avenue, KoreatownHere's the perfect example of an honest, friendly bike shop that carries quality bikes, parts and accessories and offers competent repairs and maintenance at fair prices. You can't go shopping at Safety Cycle. Plus, there's an amazing Argentine market down the street that sells $1 empanadas!
  3. Orange 20 Bikes orange 20VISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION:4351 Melrose Avenue, East HollywoodAcross the street from the Bicycle Kitchen, a large orange emporium of bicycle bling attracts eager shoppers from all corners of the city who seek the latest in fixed gear fashion, especially lightweight, aggressively styled and uncomfortable track bikes. But Orange 20 isn't just for hipsters. They sell a wide variety of bikes for commuting, mountain biking and even cyclocross. But if you're after the latest, must-have, handcrafted (preferably Italian) messenger bag, begin your search at Orange 20.
  4. El Maestro Bike Shop el maestroVISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 806 South Main Street, DowntownIf you find yourself in Downtown with a bike rack falling apart, make a beeline to El Maestro, where the friendly techs will quickly rifle through a drawer of miscellaneous screws, fix your rack and send you on your way without asking for a penny. Your bike rack is now firmly attached to your bike, and you're looking forward to returning to the best bike shop in Downtown to pickup that purple anodized wheelset for your '78 Peugeot fixie.
  5. Bikerowave bikerowaveVISIT WEBSITE | LOCATION: 12255 Venice Boulevard, PalmsThe Bikerowave is a volunteer run bike co-op, quite similar to the Bicycle Kitchen, but with breathing room. Where the Bicycle Kitchen can get a little claustrophobic on a busy weeknight, the Bikerowave has a chilled out vibe and couches to hang out on. They also charge $7/hr and help you repair, rebuild, or tune your bike. They carry a limited but well curated selection of parts and accessories. If you spend more miles west of the 405, the Bikerowave is your best option for low cost repairs, and fun bike themed parties. If you don't have $500 to spend on a decent entry level bike, spend a few nights at the Bikerowave building one yourself from scrap parts and a used frame.

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