David Netto's Holiday Gift Guide: Designer + Writer, T Magazine

David Netto’s Holiday Gift Guide: Designer + Writer, T Magazine

From Luxe To Just Simply Lovely...An Utterly Reliable Gentleman's Gift Guide

ELAINE SAYS: Gifting Seasons are when I particularly love pouring over these lists. I enjoy gifting....the research, the considering, the nuance. The original ideas and interesting points of view. I love the moment where you discover the perfect thing and know they'll never expect it. And this is why this season, Designer/Writer David Netto was my first call. As you'll read, his holiday gift list is both sexy and befitting a gentleman. It does not disappoint. David is as unique in his cleverness and originality as he is timeless in his taste and sophistication....so I knew that there would be some deliciously unexpected ideas [and I'm going to assume one or two may have even come from gifts his amazing wife, Liz, has given him in the past.]. So here we stand, at the intersection of Elegance Lane and Badass Boulevard, where you'll find the most interesting perspective. Some ideas opulent but incredible and some simply thoughtful and certainly achievable...All truly provocative. If you'd like to know more about David, find him at his own blog HERE and if you'd like to read his recent A-List, CLICK HERE. Fans like me will also be excited to know that he's now writing for The New York Times, T Magazine. photo courtesy: Ron Hamad

  1. Local Favorite [NYC]: Membership in the Aston Martin Owners' Club David Netto's A-List for Holiday Gifts, The LIst CollectiveVISIT WEBSITEEvery guy has a weakness for an Aston Martin, and in this, the 50th anniversary year of the James Bond films, why not give him a toe in the door to the world of those magnificent cars? Of course you are also free to buy him a car—my vote would be for a new Rapide—but give him a membership to AMOC and he can go to shows, read about all the great cars of the past…And maybe end up buying his own
  2. Local Favorite [NYC]: Lunch at The Lamb's Club, NYC David Netto's A-List for Holiday Gifts, The LIst CollectiveVISIT WEBSITEThis place has become THE power lunch joint in town [nyc], particularly for the publishing industry. Designed by Thierry Despont, it’s really one of the most beautiful--and masculine—dining rooms in New York. Forget the career for a minute, and take your boy here instead to a "date lunch". Everyone will be jealous you are there for pleasure--then make them really jealous by getting a room afterwards in the Hotel Chatwal next door, for dessert
  3. Book: Howard Hughes: The Hidden Years, by James Phelan David Netto's A-List for Holiday Gifts, The LIst CollectiveVISIT WEBSITEAll us fellows spent at least a few moments wishing we were HH…The business success, the fabulous equipment, the girls stashed all over town. But forget The Aviator, and all the other books about Howard Hughes--this is the one to read. It covers the years at the end in which he went bananas (and among other adventures, was carried down the fire escape of hotel in Nassau rather than get a haircut and admit he had no passport). This slender volume contains true comedy and many a life lesson
  4. Burberry's Topcoat http://us.burberry.com/store/menswear/coats/VISIT WEBSITESomething good is going on with menswear at Burberry’s lately, particularly in the coat department. These smashing topcoats are very well-tailored, cut with just enough theater--and a new one can make a man’s winter, stylewise. Maybe yours, too. What are you waiting for?
  5. DVD: The Drowning Pool David Netto's Holiday Gift A-List, The List CollectiveVISIT WEBSITEIf it’s presents for a man we’re talking about, there has to be one with a chick angle, right? This not-well-remembered movie starring Paul Newman from 1975 is special for one reason: the young Melanie Griffith. Smokin’ hot, my friends. Scandalously fine. But relax, there’s no need for jealousy. You can feel secure in the knowledge that life has come full circle--and unlike giving him a movie with, say, Kate Upton, this one poses no risk to your marriage. Unless they invent a time machine, in which case he and the tube socks will be long gone
  6. The Three pocket squares from J.Crew David Netto's Holiday Gift A-List, The List CollectiveVISIT WEBSITEWhen I moved to LA and realized that going around everywhere in a tie made me look like a damn fool, I discovered pocket squares. It’s a way for a man to look elegant but not square (and by implication ensures you will be wearing a jacket, which IS important). J. Crew has some of the nicest ones, and for the right price. Give him three as a starter kit--but make sure one of them is a navy and white check
  7. A Subscription to National Geographic David Netto's Holiday Gift A-List, The List CollectiveVISIT WEBSITEYou can say digital media is taking over all you want, but there’s nothing better than having this magazine in your hands every month. Adventure, cool animals, history, and science…a subscription to NG is a great present for him. But when these yellow-bound little books of wonder start showing up at the house, you’ll be glad too.

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