Frances Merrill's Gift List For The Home: Interior Designer + Founder, Reath Design

Frances Merrill’s Gift List For The Home: Interior Designer + Founder, Reath Design

Gifts For Nesters With Timeless Style

ELAINE SAYS: Discovering Frances Merrill was like opening a treasure box. The portfolio photos of her LA-Based design firm, Reath Design [her maiden name....seasonal coincidence] were so appealing that I found myself drifting into them as I studied her choices. She has a unique way of creating impact and the illusion of complex layering without over-furnishing or fussy accessorizing. Add to that her boho-infused cozy & tactile touches plus, "chic while essentially timeless" vision...and you have a REATH Home. A new mom of 2 whose business is a demanding toddler as well, I am so flattered that Frances found the time to share a cup of coffee as well as her gift picks. As you'll see, she included substantial choices for the person who's perhaps sharing their home for your holiday vacation, as well as more modest ideas for the host of the next soiree you'll be attending. But be prepared to find a few ideas are perfect for your own home as well...cha ching!

A Note From Frances

These are my favorite, go-to gifts for the home.  They are all beautiful in their simplicity and share a basic formula: quality, and a classic, timeless aesthetic. In a world powered by trends and gimmicks, I am always drawn to objects that will remain relevant for decades because of their level of craftsmanship and enduring appeal. When it comes to getting, and receiving gifts, sometimes the place we spend the majority of our time in, our homes, can get overlooked which is why I think these gifts are wonderful choices this holiday season.  

Frances Merrill's Gift List For The Home

  1. Seasonal With Style: Bay Laurel Peace Wreath hostess gift list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEThis is a great gift to get the holiday season started.  If I was organized I would already have sent out a ton of these…
  2. Earthy-Luxe Table Candy: Les Indiennes Fringe Napkins gift list, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEFringe?  Stripes?  I don’t think I need to say anything more.
  3. For The Host Who's Done The Most: Richard Ginori Italian Oval Platter gift list, the list collective VISIT WEBSITEThere was a brief period when I was getting married that I registered for a very modern china pattern.  I ended up going with the same one my parents have, Richard Ginori Italian Fruit.  I love the way it mixes with all my more modern/hippie stuff.  The platter would look so pretty on a holiday buffet.
  4. Chic, Practical and Budget Friendly: Solid Brass Bottle Opener gift guide, the list collective VISIT WEBSITEI once read an article about an incredibly chic woman who had one these mounted behind the curtains in her living room so she could open a beer from the couch.
  5. Something New For The Nest: Jute Utility Basket gift guide, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEThere is no one that can’t find a use for this basket.  It is sturdy enough to haul and store logs but would also work to corral blankets or toys.
  6. Catch All For All: Change Is Good Tray gift guide, the list collective VISIT WEBSITEA perfect small leather tray from the Ace guys that gets better with age.  All the men on my list are getting this one.
  7. Always Right...A Beautiful Book: Georgia O'Keefe and Her Houses: Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu gift guide, the list collectiveVISIT WEBSITEI am an ipad addict when it comes to novels and the newspaper but nothing beats a beautiful art book.  This one is my favorite of the season.
  8. Artful and Thoughtful: Pyramid Wood Blocks gift guide, the list collective VISIT WEBSITEThough my husband and I keep telling each other how much our daughter is going to love these blocks, I think we both secretly know who they are really for...  Perfect gift for design minded parents…

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