Piper Chuthakieo: Wardrobe Stylist + Founder, Coconut and Bean

Piper Chuthakieo: Wardrobe Stylist + Founder, Coconut and Bean

One Of My Favorite Gifters Shares Her Secrets

Elaine Says: Piper is a talented stylist, a super-mom [can you believe those gorgeous babies, Elle and Cocoa?], an inspiring BLOGGER [Stylish Mommy Alert...check her out at Coconut and Bean...you'll love it!] and a Gifted Gifter. She is also a wonderful and close friend, which has allowed me to be the lucky recipient of her gifting talents many times over. What she says is true....she gets great joy out of choosing just the right thing...and has a pretty good track record, I have to say. Her choices always seem to meet at the intersection of practicality and style, which is where I live. And her gifts always feel so very thoughtful and chosen just for me. Maybe she knows me well...or maybe she has a knack for choosing things that most people really, really need or find useful. But I've selected many-a-gift of my own, hoping to get the reaction that she's gotten from me so many times. I hope you enjoy her special eye as much as I do...Thank you, Pipe!. xx- e [photo credit: Michelle Warren]


Little something about me, I love gifting. In truth, I’m kind of obsessed. When I get an invitation or I know someone’s birthday is coming up, I tend to lie in bed at night trying to think of the perfect gift. I’d like to say it’s because I’m a good person, but honestly I think it’s more about vanity. I love seeing the look on someone’s face when I’ve nailed it, but I also love receiving the praise. “Oh my god, how did you know!?!” Because I’m sick, that’s how. I love giving something the person wants or needs, but the best is giving something the person doesn’t know they need. Something they will fall in love with, love for a long time and learn they can’t live without. The best is when they realize their life has been forever changed by that gift. OK, another something about me, I can be dramatic. As a busy mom and blogger I rely on online shopping to get the job done. Here are some of my favorites I’ve found out there. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Happy hunting!


  1. For The Hubs coconut and bean gift list, The List CollectiveSHOPThis classic and understated bag is so versatile it is the perfect gift for almost any man in your life. Great for the gym, a weekend away or any other goodies your guy wants to stowaway. I would personally love it to replace my hubs’ funky gym bag. This bag is so good to look at I might actually enjoy tripping over it, all the time.
  2. For The Host sheepskin throw via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPThe only reason not to own one of these is your family may begin fighting over it like we do in my house. So better yet, get two. This is the most comfy cozy blanket you will ever own. It’s very durable (even the dog makes a play for it) and machine washable as well. The neutral color palette makes it easy to give as a host or hostess gift. It can also be monogrammed for a nice personal touch.
  3. For The Kiddos pinhole press via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPThe game of memory is a favorite in my house. It’s a great activity the whole family can play, but sadly Mommy loses her attention span pretty quickly when it comes to matching Cowboy Dora or Singing Ariel. This personalized version keeps me way more engaged, oh and the kids love it too. I love seeing my family’s smiling faces looking back at me with every flip. It’s also a great gift for grandparents so the kids have something to play with when they’re over, easily killing two birds with one thoughtful gift.
  4. For The Music Lover jambox by jawbone via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPThis thing blows my mind! A digital speaker that wirelessly connects your iPhone, iPad, and most Bluetooth enabled devices. I use it in my bathroom in the morning and then at my desk in the evening. I take it to the beach, even to my Pilates studio when I’m feeling pushy. It’s also my secret weapon when I’m out of tricks and the kids have worn me out. Hello dance party! It is super portable and sleek, I want one in every cool color.
  5. For The Holiday Babies kids gifts via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPThese have become my standard baby gift, but I’ve also given them as big kid gifts or hostess gifts and they always get a huge response. Joseph Wahl is a local artist who specializes in vintage and handmade children’s furniture out of his shop Joeybaby in Woodland Hills. Now, thanks to Etsy his works are available online. These charming signs give a personal feel to any nursery or home. I’ve become so obsessed with them, I had him make me a “No Solicitors” sign for my front door-works like a charm. I’m also a fan of his “To the beach” various sports team signs for man-gifts. He will custom make them for you at a great price point and a quick turnaround
  6. For The Photographer/Gadget Lover photo gadget via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPMore and more family photos are taken with my iPhone these days. I’ve accidentally left my house so many times without my big fancy camera, relying solely on my iPhone to capture the moment at the soccer game or ballet practice. This takes that concept one step further. A fisheye, macro and wide-angle lens all in one, it snaps onto your iPhone in one piece and the fun goes from there. The kids love to see the crazy effects of the fisheye and I love using the wide-angle to get the entire team in the picture without cropping their feet off.
  7. For The Fashion Lover fashion sketches via coconut and bean gift guide, The List Collectivecoconut and bean gift guide, the list collectiveSHOPWhat better way to bring a little glamour into someone’s life than with these beautiful sketches from Paperfashion by Katie Rodgers. Whether you want to dress your phone, your walls or stock up on cute stationary, she’s got a line of products that are sure to charm any fashion lover. Katie’s whimsical watercolors evoke a playfulness and a sophistication all at the same time. The prints are perfect for a girls rooms or mixed in on your picture walls.  And the 2013 Calendar is a great choice for the fashionista who wants to plan her life in style.
  8. For The Ladies hemingway and picket earrings via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPLet’s face it-jewelry always wins. Are you listening fellas? Always. For last minute gifts, holidays, birthdays, apologies, congratulations-you really can’t go wrong. It can be daunting, I know. Will she like it? Is it her style? I’m not going to lie-its’ tough, but it’s worth the risk. Trust me. I love these arrow earrings (are you reading honey) because they are simple but different. I could see the wearer garnering lots of compliments, making them the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. Another for the Kiddos kids gifts via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPThese sweet plush toys are as cute as they are generous. Ten percent of the sale price from all Kauzbots, key chains and apparel are used to benefit the work of a non-profit focused on the “Kauze” closest to the robot’s heart. “Kauzes” include breast cancer, child homelessness, hunger, pediatric cancer and clean water. The kiddos will love snuggling their bot and the parents will love teaching the little ones about giving back, a lesson best learned early in life.
  10. For The Busy Mommy lunchboxes via coconut and bean gift guide, The List CollectiveSHOPI don’t know if this is really a gift, it’s just such a great “mom” product I had to share.  One of my least favorite parts of the mom-job is packing lunch. Scrambling in the morning for baggies, ice packs, lunchboxes-it drives me crazy. This ingenious little product changed all that. It has icepacks already built in and it folds neatly so it doesn’t take much room in your freezer. It’s a practical gift, yes, but a thoughtful one. It’s great for kids, teachers or anyone who brings their lunch with them to work or school. During super hot soccer games I keep wet bandanas in it for players, we take it to the beach, or just on a road trip. It also comes with airtight containers that fit perfectly inside-no more searching for baggies. A mama must-have.

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