The Ultimate A-List Gift Guide

The Ultimate A-List Gift Guide

New and Past Listers Share Their Ultimate Gifting Favorites!

ELAINE SAYS: There is no shortage of GIFT GUIDES but at the end of the day, the best suggestions come from asking friends whose taste you trust. Today, I've asked Listers past and new, to share a gift they'd like to give and one they hope to receive [I was curious]. What resulted is a very special and personal gift guide, overflowing with unique and reliably "test-driven" shopping ideas. PLUS the great gifts to be considered just amongst the listers themselves! Valerie's Durango Bark (I'm shaking), a Maya Brenner Designs Necklace (This one is on my list) or Melissa Magsaysay's Book to name a few. Ok...I'll name a few more: A copy of Lulu Powers' Book for your favorite Entertainer or Host, This amazing sweatshirt dress from Beckley by Melissa, I'm coveting this carpet bag from Simone Camille, and I'm gifting her budget light/styleheavy keychain. I love Karen Kimmel's framed needlepoints, amazing. Meredith Alexander's Sweet Pete is a sweet gift from Milk & Bookies and a photo session from Marcia Prentice like those she does for Apartment Therapy would be a dream gift. Get party-ready with a cut and color from Amanda George and her partner Jonathon Antin and make sure you attend a Kid Concierge event this year. Wow...What is left to want?! Now it's your turn to explore, discover and have fun shopping! Most importantly, have a wonderful and restful holiday and thanks so much for all your incredible support in 2012! xx -e

melissa magsaysay, the list collectiveMelissa Magsaysay: Style Writer + Author

  1. To Give:  
     melissa magsaysay, the list collectiveI know it's a little bit of a snooze fest gift idea (literally) but these days I really value sleep and as a new mom, a button down top helps for night nursing. This LIBERTY PAJAMA SET FROM JCREW it is practical but also stylish!
  2. To Receive:  melissa magsaysay, the list collectiveAs a new mom, I’ve got my eye out for gorgeous jewelry I can monogram with my son’s name or initials. My friend Nicole Mann’s line GARLAND COLLECTION has the perfect rose gold ID bracelet that I’d have engraved and wear everyday.

john eshaya, the list collectiveJohn Eshaya: Designer, JET by John Eshaya

  1. To Give:  JOHN ESHAYA GIFT GUIDE, THE LIST COLLECTIVEThis year, some of the things on the top of my "love to give" list are VINTAGE CHANEL JEWELRY, MISSONI THROWS, the new Bruce Weber book,  "ALL AMERICAN XII": VOLUME XII". And I'm going to throw in some of my favorite JET leather sleeve jackets, too!
  2. To Receive: JOHN ESHAYA GIFT GUIDE, GRACE CODDINGTON, THE LIST COLLECTIVEWhat I'm hoping to get? Books! Top of my list are the Grace Coddington memoir "GRACE," Mario Testino's "IN YOUR FACE," and any vintage Irving Penn book.

lulu powers, the list collectiveLuLu Powers: Chef + Lifestyle Expert

  1. To Give: lulu powers, the list collectiveWell, the most exciting gift I am giving is honey.  My adorable husband Stevie has become obsessed with honey and all the nutrients and yummy pleasure that goes along with it.  He is getting the Honey of the Month Club from my hometown of Weston, CT.  RED BEE HONEY is by the honey sommelier  herself, Carla Marina Marchese.  I am so excited for him to get this.  He wants his own hive......
  2. To Receive:
    lulu powers, the list collectiveThe gift I would most like to receive would be that anyone wanting to give something to me, to please donate to BLESSINGS IN A BACKPACK.  We have kids in our country who are starving.  I feel we need to help the kids in the United States.  There are plenty of them.

Melissa Akkaway, the list collectiveMelissa Akkaway: Owner, Beckley Boutiques + Designer of Beckley by Melissa 

  1. To Give:  melissa akkaway, the list collectiveThis season, I'd love to give a POLAROID digital camera. It reminds me of my childhood! I also love the ZODAX DIFFUSER because it makes such a chic gift for a hostess or friend.
  2. To Receive: melissa akkaway, the list collectiveThe item I would love to have for Christmas is a Celine fold over python or nude leather clutch. I love this style because it's perfect for day or night due to its size, plus it's a timeless and classic piece. Hopefully my husband will read this and pick up the hint!

kid concierge, the list collectiveStacy Bernstein & Tait Chatmon-Alvarez: Co-Founders, Kid Concierge

  1. To Give:
    milk and bookies, baby2baby, the list collectiveFor this holiday season we are sending the "Gift of Giving" to our clients and friends.We really want to support non-profits that have an emphasis and focus on families and children.  Two of our favorites are: MILK AND BOOKIES and BABY2BABY
  2. To Receive:
    kid concierge, the list collectiveFrom our husbands we would love to get one of these amazing indigo scarves we saw at our friends store, GENERAL STORE.  Perfectly beautiful, chic and cozy enough to throw on for morning drop off at school and then off to work!

maya brenner, the list collectiveMaya Brenner: Jewelry Designer 

  1. To Give maya brenner's gift pick: chic shop finials, the list collectiveA good friend just moved to a new place in Silverlake and I thought these FINIALS would be perfect for him. Made from telephone wire, they are pretty cool and very fitting for the area just voted the "The Best Hipster Neighborhood".
  2. To Receive maya brenner's gift picks, the list collectiveTHESE CANDLES have such an organic, handmade vibe.  Plus they smell amazing and look gorgeous in every color. And I wouldn't be mad if I found THIS under the tree either....Because what woman doesn't need a black and white fitted silk tuxedo jacket?

simone harrouche, the list collectiveSimone Harouche: Designer, Simone Camille Handbags 

  1. To Give: simone camille by simone harrouche, the list collectiveEvery woman needs some color in her life, even in the form of a small accessory.  I love gifting iPad cases from Simone Camille's VINTAGE collection, as they can be used to carry electronics or as a chic, colorful evening clutch.  And they are all one of a kind, which makes them a special gift.
  2. To Receive: simone camille by simone harrouche, the list collectiveThere is no better small luxury than having fresh flowers in the house.  I would love to be gifted with a Flower Club membership from THE EMPTY VASE.  Each month, fresh flowers will arrive at my doorstep.

valerie gordon, the list collectiveValerie Gordon: Owner, Valerie Confections

  1. To Give:
    valerie gordon of valerie confections, the list collectiveThe gift I am giving this year is from our friends at COMMUNE DESIGN. The most charming welcome mat ever! A cheeky graphic, friendly price and perfect proportion puts this doormat at the top of my list.
  2. To Receive:
    valerie gordon of valerie confections, the list collectiveI have searched high and low for the perfect outdoor furniture-- and HERE IT IS!!! Hopefully my partner Stan reads this mention and orders four of these chairs before they sell out.

karen kimmel, the list collectiveKaren Kimmel: Artist + Designer, Karen Kimmel Studio

  1. To Give:
    karen kimmel, the list collectiveThis holiday, I would definitely give one of our handmade neon DREAM CATCHERS (and am! don't tell my kids!). Each one has its own personality, and it's a blast to customize their colors and ornaments so that each dream catcher perfectly suits the dreamer.
  2. To Receive:
    karen kimmel, the list collectiveI'm completely serious when I say that all I really want for Christmas is to catch up on a few weeks worth of sleep an hang out with my family, but in my ideal world I'd be doing all of that in this JAQUARD BLANKET COAT by Zero + Maria Cornejo.  I'm absolutely in love with her clothes, and this chic, cozy number gets bonus points for being made in collaboration with a women's knitting cooperative in Bolivia.

marcia prentice, the list collectiveMarcia Prentice: Designer + Photographer + Blogger

  1. To Give: marcia prentice, the list collectiveI can't wait to give an assortment MAST BROTHERS CHOCOLATE for the 25 days of Christmas. If you haven't tried it yet, oh boy you NEED to know about this fantastic independent chocolate company run by two brothers. They use organic cacao from the Dominican Republic and always source the very best ingredients. I am not a big chocolate lover, but I can't turn down Mast Brothers chocolate!
  2. To Receive: marcia prentice, the list collectiveI just recently found out that the STAHL HOUSE [the famous case study house in the hills of Los Angeles] is open for public viewings a handful of days per month. Docents are even present to answer any questions about the iconic case study house. Because I work in design and am in love with California architecture, my dream would be complete if I were to recieve a photoshoot at the Stahl House with a few great, high fashion photos of me living the life, overlooking a fantastic view of Los Angeles. Doesn't this sound pretty amazing?

amanda george, the list collectiveAmanda George: Co-Owner, the NEW Jonathon & George Salon

  1. To Give: Kelly wearstler Rhapsody, The LIst CollectiveI am excited to give all of my friends who have great taste, Kelly Wearstler’s new book, RHAPSODY...It has so many great design ideas.
  2. To Receive: Amanda George, The LIst CollectiveI would love to receive this great one-of-a-kind necklace by jewelry designer ELIZABETH SAYLES. We had a trunk show at the Jonathan and George Salon last week and I just fell in love with this piece. (see attached photo, retails for $1650). More of Elizabeth’s designs available at

milk and bookies, the list collectiveMeredith Alexander: Founder, Milk & Bookies

  1. To Give:
    milk and bookies, the list collectiveEvery year, our family gives a book (natch) to all of the families in our lives, either related or friends. We try to be really thoughtful throughout the year and every time we buy a new story book we weigh it as a possible contender. Previous books include THE AWESOME BOOK, PICKLE CHIFFON PIE (my personal all time fave) and SECTOR 7. Some choices have great messaging, some have beautiful imagery and some are just cool. We always want it to be a book that other families might not have known about or purchased for themselves. This year my 11 year old made the final decision for us. It's THE SWEETEST FIG by Chris Van Allsburg. It has a great lesson about karma and intention, two things we try to raise our kids thinking about.
  2. To Receive:
    milk and bookies, the list collectiveI feel like all year we have been buying lots of yummy things during our remodel, so it's hard to have a list. I would love time to build new traditions in our new nest; fireside game nights and cookie baking for the firehouse nearby. I prefer giving BUT, if I had to find one thingy thing to open from a box, I would love the DARYL K FOR STEVEN ALAN PONCHO, a girl's gotta look chic and I could throw this over PJs and still feel great.

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