Valentines Day Gift Round-Up

Valentines Day Gift Round-Up

Gift Guide For Those On Either Side Of Love. PS: Like Pinterest? Then You'll Love This...

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone.  You may have noticed in recent posts, that you’re now able to shop all the products on our A-Lists, together and in one place…and I thought that a Valentine’s Day Round-Up would be a great place to explain this fun, new feature.  I was recently invited to become an early user of a new site called Luvocracy.  The concept really stood out in the sea of social shopping experiences, so I gave it a try and I have to confess to being more than a little bit hooked.  Similar to and as addictive as Pinterest, Luvocracy allows you to create a profile of “favorite things,”  joining a community of people all doing the same.  You follow others and others follow you. But instead of just browsing all those great finds, Luvocracy allows you to shop as well.  This new twist turns your personal collection of favorites into a virtual catalog of things that you love and want to recommend to your friends.  You can include nearly any product from anywhere, which offers an incredible amount of creative freedom….you can see why I felt it would be a great way for me to round-up all of my A-list items for you.  Luvocracy takes care of all the purchasing and dealings with the retailer…all you have to do is curate and shop. Sound like fun? The site is new and in it’s early stages but I’m very intrigued, having a great time with it and looking forward to seeing where it goes.  Want to join me? “TRUST” [Follow] MY BOARDS HERE and you’ll get updates that tell you when new items have been uploaded. If you’d like to create your own boards and invite your friends to shop your finds, CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP AND BEGIN CREATING YOUR OWN SHOP-ABLE BOARDS .  Don’t forget to let me know so I can browse them! And back to the point…. CHECK OUT MY VALENTINES DAY GIFT ROUND-UP HERE [the scarf made me laugh…and if you’ve ever been on the wrong side of Valentines Day…ehem, all of us…you’ll likely laugh too].

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