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Happy New Year!

Posted on January 7th, 2013

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Happy New Year!

A Note From The Bungalow To Say, "Thank You".

Happy, Happy New Year, everyone.  It’s great to be back after a long break filled with warm tea and sessions of deep, creative thinking.  Hikes and craft projects, new books and new recipes, photo organizing and scrapbooking, gardening and closet culling.  Ehem…Notsomuch.  Reality check: I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase from our trip to Mexico.

That being said, I did have many belly laughs and fun-filled days with my kids, lots of sangria with my husband and family [not our kids] and even got a little sister love in there [we never have enough time together], and I am so grateful. I also made sure to do some reflecting on 2012 and planning for 2013…

Which brings me to this:

To Readers…Thank you so, so much, for making 2012 an amazing year.  It goes without saying….but I want to be certain to say it…that I’ve gotten an insane amount of pleasure from editing this blog and getting to know you a little bit better in the process.  I love all the emails and appreciate all the friending, following, pinning and liking more than you know.  It’s the way I know who I’m talking to and the thing that makes this experience more personal and special. Please continue to do that! Your response to the holiday gift shop was incredible too…in fact, I’m thinking of leaving it up [as you can see by the fact that I haven't yet taken it down!].  I also greatly appreciate your patience as I play around with my somewhat unpredictable posting schedule while mommy-ing 2 little ones, adding freelance writing/editing to the docket and learning so much new stuff in general.  Thanks again…really.  And to new readers….So happy to have you and I look forward to hearing from you!

To Listers….thank you enormously for your creative energy and support.  I am constantly inspired by your ideas and rest assured, I hear from many who use them to make their own lists better….I am certainly one of those people.  Ahhh, dot connecting….the beauty and fun of this site!

To all the brands, boutiques, restaurants, destinations and artisans I’ve featured and have yet to feature…I’m so proud to have you on the site and sing your praises.  I can’t wait to get to those of you who I haven’t yet profiled!

To editors, publicists and creative execs who have, in many cases, become friends and mentors as well, your support has made me feel at home in this new world and your reach continues to be a tremendous help in spreading the word.

Here’s to a full, productive, successful, artistic, exciting, healthy, loving, delicious, relaxing and totally real 2013.  I genuinely wish that for everyone.  That…or in the words of my nephew, Aidan and son Asher, “Cheers to being awesome!”….that works too.

We’ll be back in business tomorrow with an A-List from Melissa Magsaysay, the former Style Editor for the LA Times, undeniable fashion authority and Author of, “City Of Style”.  It’s ironic that I’m beginning the year with Melissa’s Favorite Things….she’s someone I’ve wanted to profile since my launch! So…There ya have it.  Until tomorrow….

Thanks again!!  xx -e

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